Taidepiste event series

Uniarts Helsinki’s event series explores social phenomena through art experiences and multidisciplinary discussions which are open to the public.

Microphones on a seat at a Taidepiste -event

What is Taidepiste?

Taidepiste is Uniarts Helsinki’s new event series, which explores social phenomena through multidisciplinary discussions and art experiences that are free and open to the public. Taidepiste will be organised once a month in the Main Foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre and on the Uniarts Youtube channel starting from September 2020.

Taidepiste is a platform for equality-driven, warm and respectful discussions, where compassion increases honesty and honesty increases compassion. In each event, a new group of artists and experts from various fields take the floor. Audience members, too, are welcome to participate in the discussion on equal footing. Taidepiste aims to give people with different kinds of professional backgrounds the chance to discuss topical and meaningful phenomena.

Art helps us perceive alternative worlds, and it makes it easier for us to put our focus on even the more difficult subjects. That is why all events will also include music, fine arts, theatre, dance, poetry or performance art, offering a unique perspective on the evening’s theme.

Taidepiste is supported by the Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation.

Taidepiste goes online until further notice

Due to the spreading of coronavirus, the Taidepiste events will be organised without live audience until further notice. The events will be streamed on the Uniarts Youtube channel and Instagram @uniartshelsinki. High quality recordings of the events will stay available on Youtube.

Taidepiste is Uniarts Helsinki’s new event series, which explores social phenomena through multidisciplinary discussions and art experiences that are free and open to the public. The Taidepiste events are organised once a month in the Main Foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre and on the Uniarts Youtube channel. The event series is sponsored by the Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation.

Upcoming events

28 January 2021 Taidepiste x Music and philosophy: Music genres and society

6 PM
Watch the event live on Youtube

The theme of the discussion is music genres and the way they are linked to the social context of their time, how they have formed into what they are, and how different genres have been combined and defied their genre lines. Soprano Olga Heikkilä and pianist Eveliina Sumelius-Linblom will perform at the event. The discussion features emeritus professor Matti Huttunen, lector of music theory and music journalist Ville Komppa, Heikkilä and Sumelius-Lindblom.

Past events

14 December 2020: Why bother? The benefits of a slow approach and extra effort

The evening’s guests include Finlandia Prize winning author Laura Lindstedt, the CEO of the strategy, design, and technology company Reaktor Sampo Pasanen, and visual artist and lecturer in contemporary art and technology Tuomo Rainio. The discussion is moderated by music journalist Anne Teikari. More detailed information about the event will be updated later.

16 November 2020: Soldiership and taboos of violence

What kinds of taboos are associated with soldiers and warfare in Finland? How could they be discussed through art? The evening’s guests include dancer and postdoctoral researcher Susanna Hast, project researcher at the Tampere Peace Research Institute Karim Maïche, and professional soldier and feminist Juho Pylvänäinen. The discussion is moderated by Noora Kotilainen, political historian and postdoctoral researcher at the National Defence University. The evening will be kicked off with a spoken word piece by Susanna Hast (composed and arranged by Timo Rehtonen, flute Hannu Mikkola), based on the field research Hast has carried out at the National Defence University.

19 October 2020: Power relations among children

The evening’s guests will include freelance journalist Mona Eid, and university lecturer in theatre and researcher Riku Saastamoinen. The discussion will be hosted by Jenni Kilpi, Master of Music and alum of the Sibelius Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki. The event includes a powerful drama about bullying, Tänään koulun jälkeen, performed by Janne Kinnunen and Matias Nieminen.

28 September 2020: Role models and opportunities

How do social structures and our personal backgrounds influence our opportunities to make and experience art? What kind of a meaning do the representations that surround us and the role models that we face have on us? These questions will be discussed by dance student and the chair of the University of the Arts Student Union Board Sofia Charifi, writer, critic and teacher Silvia Hosseini, and cultural critic and founder of the Sanat haltuun project Aleksis Salusjärvi. The discussion will be hosted by actor, reciter, playwright and director Noora Dadu. The discussion will be in Finnish. The event will begin with a spoken word performance by Kuopus, rap artist and alumnus of the Theatre Academy.

3 September 2020: Radical songs. How does music fuel revolutionary dreams?

Guests in the discussion include rap artist Karri Paleface Miettinen, music history researcher Saijaleena Rantanen, and folk musician and music journalist Amanda Kauranne. Paleface & Laulava Unioni perform revolutionary dreams and battle anthems dating back a hundred years. The discussion is in Finnish but the recording is subtitled in English.

What would you like to experience at Taidepiste?

Who should take the floor at Taidepiste and on which topic? Which artwork or performance would you like to see spark up discussion?

You can now give us your suggestions regarding themes, topics, performances or artworks created by you or someone else, as well as the names of artists, researchers, or other interesting guests who you would like to see featured at Taidepiste. All performers and guest speakers will be paid for their participation.