Taidepiste event series

Uniarts Helsinki’s event series explores social phenomena through art experiences and multidisciplinary discussions which are open to the public.

Microphones on a seat at a Taidepiste -event

What is Taidepiste?

Taidepiste is Uniarts Helsinki’s event series, which explores social phenomena through multidisciplinary discussions and art experiences that are free and open to the public. Taidepiste events are organised once a month on Uniarts Helsinki’s campus in Töölö or Sörnäinen and live streamed on Uniarts Helsinki’s YouTube channel.

During the academic year 2021–2022, Uniarts Helsinki invited a total of 50 guests to Taidepiste to talk about a variety of themes, such as imperfection, beauty, war, trolls, forgotten composers, utopias, generational experiences and the fundamentals of a thriving arts sector. The events also featured captivating artworks and performances by Uniarts Helsinki’s students and other artists.

Taidepiste is supported by the Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation.

Previous events

19 December 2022: Elevating the everyday

1 December 2022: How does art make cities better?

9 November 2022: From overconsumption to a new way of being

18 October 2022: Crossing borders

17 September 2022 Uniarts Fest: Legacy

24 May 2022: What can the arts do in the time of war?

27 April 2022: New utopias

17 March 2022: Chernobyl as a generational experience – what is the role of art in our shared memory?

15 February 2022: Beauty

25 Jan 2022: Science, art, and trolls

7 Dec 2021: Cel­e­bra­tion of im­per­fec­tion

15 Nov 2021: Why should art be available for everyone?

28 Oct 2021: To­wards a thriv­ing arts sec­tor

27 Sep 2021: Fe­male com­posers side­lined by his­tory

4 Sep 2021: Five discussions at the Feel Helsinki festival

7 June 2021: Room to grow – the impact of hobbies for young people

10 May 2021: Is over-sensitivity ruining art?

12 Apr 2021: Climate hope

1 Mar 2021: Classical music and diversity – is everyone welcome?

28 Jan 2021: Taidepiste x Music and philosophy: Music genres and society

14 Dec 2020: Why bother? The benefits of a slow approach and extra effort

16 Nov 2020: Soldiership and taboos of violence

19 Oct 2020: Power relations among children

28 Sept 2020: Role models and opportunities

3 Sept 2020: Radical songs. How does music fuel revolutionary dreams?

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