Research Institute

Our joint unit develops art research in the university and promotes multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects.

The University of the Arts Research Institute is a joint unit that serves the research conducted both at the Institute and the university’s three Academies. The Institutes task is to develop the university’s research and promote cross-artistic and interdisciplinary research projects.

The Research Institute’s thematic research networks in the fields of arts education and training, artist-pedagogy, artistic research, and the history of the arts, advance interdisciplinary research with a focus on the arts. The networks’ ties with local and international partners in the arts and sciences enhance the timeliness and significance of the Institute’s research activities.

The core community of the Institute comprises professors, university researchers, postdoctoral researchers and visiting researchers. The Institute’s activities, researcher meetings, seminars, conferences, and publications benefit the broader research community of the university as well as external arts professionals and researchers.

On this page, you can find information about the Institute’s research networks, research projects, and researchers. If you are looking for news about our research or current research events, you can find them in the newsroom and event calendar.

Contact information

  • Leena Rouhiainen

    Head of the Research Institute, University of the Arts Helsinki;
    Vice Dean and Professor of Artistic Research, Theatre Academy

The Research Institute’s visiting researcher programme is being updated. If you are interest in the programme, please contact the head of the institute Leena Rouhiainen.

Researching artist pedagogy

This thematic research network investigates the education of artists. The research is focused on the range of practices taught at the University of the Arts Helsinki. We explore how artists teach future artists in higher education institutions and other settings, asking how and why pedagogies have evolved and how they might need to continue to develop into the future. Our aim is to deepen critical understandings of these practices in evolving contexts by employing various methodological approaches including artistic research.

Educational Research in the Arts (cERAda)

Our research focuses on arts education and pedagogy, higher education and professionalism in the arts. The research perspectives connect with contemporary societal themes such as democracy, equality and equity, responsibility and wellbeing.

Artistic research

In our research, artistic activity is a prerequisite for the progression of the study and a central means of forming and sharing knowledge. Artistic research promotes the practices of the arts and the related knowledge, as well as an understanding of the societal role of art.

Historical research of the arts and artistic life (Hifo)

The central task of the History Forum of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Hifo) is to promote historical research and its methodology related to the arts and artistic life, as well as to develop new ways to collect, analyze, and publish historical research materials. Hifo’s research environment is characterized by its close proximity to the art community and artistic practices. The most well-known component of the History Forum is the monthly Thursday Forum.

Research Pavilion event

Research Institute organises the biennial Research Pavilion in Helsinki.

Other networks

Research Institute researchers

Research Institute visiting researchers