Tuulikki Laes

Tuulikki Laes is a university researcher at the Research Institute and a member of the CERADA researcher network. She holds a doctoral degree in music education (University of the Arts Helsinki 2017). Her recent projects include ”The Transformative Politics of Music Education in the Ageing Society” (2019-2022, funded by the Research Council of Finland) and “ArsADAPT: Artists for a Sustainable Future” (2022-2023, funded by the Wihuri Foundation). Currently, Laes is an Academy Research Fellow leading the project “Performing the Political: Public Pedagogy in Higher Music Education” (2023-2027, funded by the Research Council of Finland). Laes is a casual lecturer and doctoral supervisor at the MuTri doctoral school and research unit. She is a member of the Research Institute steering board, MuTri steering board, and Sibelius Academy’s research and doctoral school division. She is also the chair of the Finnish Society of Arts Education Research and a member of several international academic communities.