Tuulikki Laes




Tuulikki Laes (D.Mus) 

Tuulikki Laes is a university researcher at CERADA in socially impactful music and arts education. She holds a doctoral degree in music education (University of the Arts Helsinki 2017). Laes worked as a researcher in ArtsEqual since the beginning of the project in two teams: Basic Arts Education for All and Visions – Systems Analysis and Policy Recommendations. As part of ArtsEqual, she assumed the role of visiting scholar at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria in 2017-2018. Previously Laes has worked as a teacher at the department of music education (2013-2018) and as a lecturer at the MuTri doctoral school (2018-2019). Her post doctoral project ”The Transformative Politics of Music Education in the Ageing Society” is funded by the Academy of Finland (2019-2022).

Forskning och publikationer

Laes has published widely single and co-authored articles and book chapters in English and Finnish. The complete publication list will be found in VIRTA and on the personal website www.tuulikkilaes.com