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Support the future of young artists. Donate to Uniarts Helsinki.

portraits of three students working for the campaign

Make a donation to our ongoing campaign, which helps us to improve the study opportunities that we provide to young students and promotes students’ preparedness for a successful career as an artist. Support for young students also equals support for building a sustainable future for the entire arts sector.

When you make your donation by 30 June 2022, the Finnish Government will give us funding in proportion to the donations that we have collected through a matched funding scheme. Make today count and contribute to a sustainable future for the arts by donating now!

Read about different ways to support the arts

You can support Uniarts Helsinki with a donation or a bequest or by setting up a fundraising campaign to celebrate a special day in your life. You can make the donation to the university in general or choose to steer the funds to a specific artistic field. You can also provide financial support to gifted students by awarding grants or by funding instrument acquisitions.

Contact information for your donation

Contact Eveliina Olsson, Director of communications and internal relations, +358 50 598 6492,

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