Photography and filming in Uniarts Helsinki’s facilities

Photography and filming for personal use or for journalistic purposes is allowed in the university’s public facilities, as long as it does not disturb our core activities. Please let the communications team know about your visit and its purpose in advance, however.

Photography and filming in public facilities

Visitors can freely take photos or film the university’s buildings and public facilities for their personal use or for journalistic purposes during the opening hours of the buildings. The phrase “public facilities” refers to facilities that can be accessed without a key, i.e. lobbies and libraries, for example.

However, photography or filming must not disturb the university’s students, staff or other people using the facilities or cause harm to the university’s activities, facilities, furniture or materials. Filming for commercial, political or religious purposes is prohibited.

If the material that you capture contains identifiable individuals, you must ask them to give a written consent for publishing the photos or videos. 

Photography and filming for journalistic purposes

Media representatives are welcome to take photos or film on campus when they report on topics that concern Uniarts Helsinki. 

We hope that you inform the Uniarts Helsinki communications team of your visit in advance by emailing If the photography or filming is a more extensive project, the plans are agreed with the unit responsible for the visit. 

Media representatives are asked to notify the staff at the info desk when they arrive to the campus facilities. 

Photography and filming in teaching situations

Taking photos of teaching situations or recording them requires a permission given by the teachers and students who appear in the photos, videos or recordings.

Please note that if your images show unfinished works of art, you must ask the artist for a permission to take a photo or a video of the artworks and to publish the photo or the video.  

Artworks that appear in photos or videos 

There are numerous artworks by our current and former students in our facilities. Always mention the artist, title and completion year of the works in connection with the photos or videos that you publish. 

Renting facilities for photography and filming

In some cases, it is possible to rent Uniarts Helsinki’s facilities for photography and filming. A separate agreement is always made in these situations. 

If you are interested in renting facilities, contact our facilities team via email:

Processing of personal data in photos and videos

Photos and videos contain personal data if the person or persons in them are identifiable.

The processing of personal data is governed by the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679, GDPR) and other national data protection laws. 

Publishing a photo or a video that features an identifiable person is not allowed without the person’s voluntary and explicit consent. As regards the use of photos, the purpose for the photos and the platform where the photos are intended to be published must always be clearly stated. The consent should be requested in writing, and the person appearing in the photos must have the opportunity to withdraw their consent.