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Abandoned Melodies
DMus Anne Elisabeth Piirainen, in cooperation with pianist DMus Kirill Kozlovski examine stylistic peculiarities in the compositions of the Krein family, analysing this neglected repertoire to the backdrop of the cultural development within the Soviet Union.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Active Acoustic Augmented Instruments
The project aims to create a seamless integration of acoustic and electronic sound into a single instrumental entity.

Academy of Finland

Active Acoustics – Smart Audio objects at the Interface of the Material and the Digital
Academy of Finland Key Project by Otso Lähdeoja, targets the development of pioneering audio applications combining structure-borne sound and sensor technology into a set of Active Acoustic Objects at the interface of the material and the digital.

Academy of Finland

Aino and Heikki
The research examines Aino Ackté’s and Heikki Renvall’s correspondence.

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation

Artistic Dialogue in Urban Environment
In her artistic research (2014-2021), Mari Martin makes art in urban environments in collaboration with others, while reflecting on and testing the concept of dialogue.

University of the Arts Helsinki, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland & the City of Helsinki

Artistic Doctorates in Europe
Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third cycle provision in Dance and Performance (ADiE) project is investigating Practice as Research (PaR) inquiries within research level degrees in Dance and Performance.

Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Artwork – a better future for all through creativity
ARTWORK aims to expand the field of work for artists and raise increased awareness of the use of artistic methods for strengthening education and social initiatives.

Erasmus+ programme

Beautiful Past – Rethinking Stradivari Violins in the Aesthetics of European Neoclassicism (c. 1760-1814)
Research project (2015-2018) by Christina Linsenmeyer focuses on the canonization of Stradivari violins.

Academy of Finland

Black Ecologies: Performing Art in the Extraction Zone
The project aims to build artistic research methods to examine Extractivism and ecology.

The project is funded by Kone Foundation and the Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki.

Bodies in war, Bodies in Dance
The project researches rhythm, performance and emotions in Finnish military training and capoeira for refugees.

Academy of Finland

Cantatrices Achté
The research concentrates on a correspondence that reveals points of view on the conventions of opera culture.

Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland, the foundation of Emil Aaltonen & Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse

City as Space of Rules and Dreaming
The project funded by Kone Foundation (2021-2024) strengthens polyphony of urban space and thereby develops a more just city.

Kone Foundation

Control and Tax: The Licensing and Taxing Systems of Music and Musicians in late Habsburg Prague, 1894–1918
The research project addresses neglected aspects of the music culture of Prague.

Otto A. Malm Foundation & Kone Foundation

Correspondence with the Past
Elina Saloranta's artistic research examines Finnish singer Elli Forssell.
Curriculum as a policy instrument for educational (e)quality of music education in Finland
Research project (2018-) directed by Marja-Leena Juntunen examines issues related to the implementation of the music core curricula in Basic Education and Basic Education in the Arts.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet & The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Dialogue Generation for Radio Drama
The project explores the computational generation of dialogue for radio drama.

YLE – the Finnish Broadcasting Company, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Helsinki

Embodied Language Learning through the Arts (ELLA)
ELLA is a research project (2021-2024) funded by Kone foundation which investigates how embodied language learning through the arts may generate substantial change within communities.

Kone Foundation

Equity in Composing
The Equity in Composing project (2019-) aims to reduce gender-based occupational segregation and to advance equal opportunities for participation in the field.

Wegeliuksen muistosäätiö, Musiikin edistämissäätiö (MES) & Suomen Säveltäjät ry

Expanding Reflexivity of Professional Education in Music in Times of Crises
The multidisciplinary and multi-methods research addresses the dramatic effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the entire classical music industry and educational field.

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

FAST45 investigates alternative futures for institutions of higher arts education in Europe.

Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Finnish National Ballet 100
Aino Kuokkanen researches the history of the Finnish National Ballet.

Niilo Helander Foundation
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
Finnish Cultural Foundation

Timo Heino's research project "Food" explores food from different perspectives.
Foreign Study Trips of Finnish Organists
The research project lead by Peter Peitsalo explores Finnish organ art.
Forgotten bagpipes
"Forgotten Bagpipes - The Redesign of the Säkkipilli in Finland" aims at rebuilding the musical instrument and reviving the Finnish Piping tradition
Global Visions Through Mobilizing Networks: Co-Developing Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Finland, Israel and Nepal
The research project funded by the Academy of Finland (2015 - 2020) creates an international network of music teacher educators and a hybrid space for reflection and planning.

Academy of Finland

Grabando al caminar
Lea Kantonen researches the arts of indeginous people in Mexico. Grabando al caminar -project took place 2017-2018 and was funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Health, Narrative and the Arts
Health, Narrative and the Arts offers training in narrative skills for professionals in healthcare and social work.

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

How to Do Things with Performance?
What can be done with performance? What actualises when a performance takes place, when it is documented, and when it is written about?

Academy of Finland

Intersubjectivity in Music; the Perspective of Technological Mediation
Academy Research Fellow Otso Lähdeoja's research objective for the project (2018-2023) is to provide tools for a technologically augmented connection between musicians.

Academy of Finland

Kantele of the Runosong Culture and the Dialogue of Creativity
The project examines kantele improvisation within the Finnish-Karelian runosong culture, its various manifestations in its original context, and its possibilities and dimensions in modern times.
Learning in and through the Arts in higher education: Developing shared leadership
This project examines learning and teaching environments in the three academies of the University of the Arts Helsinki.
Learning narrative competence
Reflective writing courses at Uniarts Helsinki aim to foster narrative competence among social work and healthcare professionals. This research project investigates professionals’ assumptions of narrative competence, their experiences of course participation and evaluates how the learning objectives for the courses are met.

The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and The University of the Arts Helsinki

Letter Correspondence by Jean Sibelius and Aino Ackté
The research project examines correspondence between the years 1899 and 1936.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees
Although we are often accused of “not seeing the forest for the trees”, this project wants to look at the opposite danger, not seeing the trees for the forest, and focus on individual trees.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Microhistorical Perspectives on Female Involvement in Restaurant Music in the Late Nineteenth Century in Europe
The research project by Nuppu Koivisto examines female musicians.
Music and Sound in the History of Finnish non-fiction Cinema
Research project by Kaarina Kilpiö explores sound elements in cinema.
Music education, professionalism and eco-politics
The project identifies new alternative ways of implementing arts education that are environmentally responsible, socially engaged and forward-looking.

Academy of Finland

Music for social impact: practitioners’ contexts, work, and beliefs (2020 – 2022)
The research project aims to examine the growing number of participatory music-making activities being offered to marginilized groups.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Britain

Music, Diplomacy and Cold War
Meri Herrala's research project examines musician's role in the Cold War.
Music, Nature and Environmental Crises
The research project by Juha Torvinen examines the significance of music to our general ecological awareness.

Academy of Finland

New Spaces for a new Society
Jan-Erik Andersson's artistic research discusses different theories of space, place and spatiality.
Performing with Plants
The artistic research project develops and specifies the question how to perform landscape today.

Kone Foundation, Swedish Research Council

Politics of Equality in Finnish Opera
The research project by Liisamaija Hautsalo explores Finnish opera in the context of the core value of Finnish society, equality.

Academy of Finland

Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI)
The research project examines the truthfulness of the photographic image.

Academy of Finland

Research of grand-scale forms during the Classical era based on contemporary theoretical writings
Veijo Murtomäki's second topic of the research outlines the political connections of Central European composers in the 19th century as well as those of the Finnish music scene.
Rethinking Music Performance in European Higher Education Music Institutions (REACT)
REACT will mobilise a knowledge-creating international cooperative network to develop a new pedagogical model for higher education institutions and to help musicians meet the challenges of working life.

Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Structure-borne sound and composite aural spaces in music and intermedia creation
Structure-borne sound can be used to transform the entire performance venue into a macro-scale resonant “instrument”.

Academy of Finland

Subtle Corporealities: Propositions of Resistance for Creative Practitioners
Research project (2020-2022) by Susanna Hast and Maryam Bagheri Nesami develops artistic proposals for resistance and reparation of damage while testing the boundaries of self expression without overt exposure.

Kone Foundation

Systems Analysis and the Lyon Model of Music Education
The project examines music education practices in Lyon model and Finnish research on institutional social innovations and systems analysis.
TAKING BACK THE MUSEUM – Opening the Space of Community Museums to Recover the Art of Indigenous People
The project aims to decolonize art and museology in order to to recover the art and knowledge of Indigenous communities.

Kone Foundation

Tallinn 67 -Jazzfestival
Heli Reimann's research project focuses on the history of jazz festival Tallinn 67.

Kone Foundation

The Artist-Researcher as Witness
The research project by Johanna Lecklin focuses on the position of authority of the artist.
The Arts as Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality (ArtsEqual)
The research initiative funded by the Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council (2015 - 2021) explores how the arts can meet the social challenges of the 2020s.

Academy of Finland’s Strategic Research Council.

The attempt of the undomiciled – Fernand Deligny’s performative philosophy and pedagogy
Luis Guerra's research project (2019-2020) addresses Deligny’s thinking as a performative philosophy, i.e. a philosophy in action.
The Evolvement of the Musical Life in Tampere 1900-1940
Music researcher Markus Mantere examines musical life in Tampere.
The History of Playing the Piano in Finland
The research project outlines the culture of piano playing, its history, conventions and its musical heritage.
The Music-Related Gestures
Assi Karttunen's research project examines musical gestures.
The Research Pavilion project
The Research Pavilion has been organised in Venice in 2015, 2017, and 2019, and in Helsinki in 2021. The next Research Pavilion will take place again in Helsinki in 2023.

The Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation (2019 and 2021)

The Transformative Politics of Music Education in an Aging Society
This research project (2019-2022) by Tuulikki Laes explores music learning and performing as ways of promoting ageing identities.

Academy of Finland

Three Times a Decade
Three Times a Decade is both a media art project, and a study about the practices of the internet culture, namely about the video blogs.
Transforming Musicianship – Musicians’ Learner Identity
The research project led by Dr. Guadalupe López-Íñiguez aims at renewing learning and performance practices in classical music.

Academy of Finland

Translocal Cultural Fields – Music as a Cultural and Economic Enterprise in the Four Biggest Cities in Finland, 1900–1939
The study lead by Vesa Kurkela examines musical activity in the four biggest cities in Finland in the first four decades of the 20th century.

Academy of Finland

Uniarts GINTL
The research collaboration initiates and facilitates international educational partnerships that are established and cared for responsibly and equitably.

Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland

Unveiling The Mystery Of Harmony
Research project about memory for harmony (2016-2023) lead by professor Tuire Kuusi, main researcher PhD Ivan Jimenez.

Kone Foundation

Wihuri Foundation

The project's main objective is to develop new perspectives to place- and site-responsive practices and produce artworks that emerge from engaging with the critical material of speculative fiction, astrobiology, astronomical data, and queer theory.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Yes, Address Me as a Location
A research on “dis-orientation” as choreographic strategy.