Timo Heino's research project "Food" explores food from different perspectives.


Timo Heino examines food as concrete matter and, at the same time, as a visual abstraction. The research will concentrate on food after it no longer serves its function as nourishment: it is past it’s “best before” date, inedible, and classified as waste but still interesting as such and not just material to be rejected.

In the project food is seen from the viewpoints of Georges Bataille and Julia Kristeva, as abject, something uninviting yet attractive, and from the perspective of addictions, ritualism, sacrifice, and waste. The project will proceed experientially, combining gathering of data, processing of the artwork, and writing about the process. In the artistic part an archive of dried and preserved foods will be presented as a single installation. Never in the history of mankind has it been possible to access the current selection of foods produced in and transported from all corners of the globe. In the installation a variety of foods is included, from vegetables to edibles of animal origin, and from organic produce to processed and prepared foods. In the food collages Heino parallels the thought of interaction between different types of matter and of the relativity of their visual properties.

The research will appear in two forms: as exhibitions and as a book titled RUOKA/FOOD, which will be published in connection with the exhibitions. The food archive will form a kind of an “archaeological” collection of the foods of our era. Heino perceives the processes of life and death expressed by food as part of a field of interactions, powers, and energies that is constantly changing. In this field of change, we all eventually decompose and become nourishment for other forms of life in an endless cycle of matter. 

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