Finnish National Ballet 100

Aino Kuokkanen researches the history of the Finnish National Ballet.

Baletin 10-vuotisjuhla Joutsenlammen merkeissä 1932.


Aino Kukkonen acts as a researcher in the Kansallisbaletti 100 project, which, for the first time, discusses the history of the Finnish National Ballet for the past hundred years or so. The articles in the non-fiction book that will be published in 2021 are based on new research, and the book is directed at anyone who is interested in dance as an art form.

The project is based on the internationality, inter-art collaboration, and polyphony in ballet. The history of the Finnish National Ballet also covers the history of artists, works of art, styles, techniques, dance education, performance activities, and reception. Kukkonen’s research concentrates on the periods under the direction of ballet master Alexander Saxelin (1935–1954) and George Gé (second period, 1955–1962).  

Project name

Finnish National Ballet 100


Niilo Helander Foundation
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
Finnish Cultural Foundation