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Diversity of Music Heritage in Finland


Diversity of Music Heritage in Finland, a research project funded by Kone Foundation 2023–25, focuses on heritagisation of music in Finland with emphasis on ethnicity and intergenerational relations. There are three themes in the project: authorised, local and transnational music heritage. The project is a mixture of critical heritage studies, the cultural study of music, ethnomusicology, urban studies and cultural history of music.

Read more about the project in Finnish.

Project name

Diversity of Music Heritage in Finland




Kone Foundation


Research group::

PI Professor Antti-Ville Villén, Uniarts Helsinki & University of Cambridge

Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Giacomo Bottà, Uniarts Helsinki & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Janne Mäkelä, Uniarts Helsinki

Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Elina Seye, Uniarts Helsinki & University of Helsinki

Ph.D. Outi Valo, The Finnish Folk Music Institute  & Uniarts Helsinki

Ph.D. Elina Westinen, Uniarts Helsinki & University of Jyväskylä

Vice Director, Director Matti Hakamäki, The Finnish Folk Music Institute