Aino and Heikki

The research examines Aino Ackté’s and Heikki Renvall’s correspondence.

Aino Achté and Heikki Renvall
K. Reenola`s home archive


Aino ja Heikki -project uses opera singer Aino Ackté’s and Heikki Renvall’s (1872–1955) correspondence letters, written mainly in Finnish. Between the years of 1895 and 1917 Ackté and Renvall wrote about 2000 letter to each other. The letters provide several insights into the behind the scenes information, the writers’ views about the international opera culture and the forming of the Finnish political system. In the center of the letter correspondence is also their long distance romantic relationship, which they tried to keep alive.

The members of the research project are Anne Kauppala, Ulla-Britta Broman-Kananen and Kaarina Reenkola. The project has been funded by the foundation of Alfred Kordelin.

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Aino and Heikki


The Alfred Kordelin Foundation


  • Anne Kauppala
  • Ulla-Britta Broman-Kananen
  • Kaarina Reenkola