Ilmari Kortelainen

Job description

Ilmari Kortelainen works as a teacher and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arts Helsinki’s Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts (CERADA). Ilmari’s practice and research has focused on body-awareness in meditation, somatics and in social affects of the body.


Ilmari has training in somatics from ISLO (Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto), and he is a long time practitioner of bodily practices, such as Yi quan, Zen-Buddhism as well as somatics. At the moment Ilmari is generating social orientations of the somatics of space. Kortelainen is the co-editor of the article “Assembling mindful bodies: mindfulness as a universal ‘laboratory of practice’” (Routledge 2019) with Steven Stanley and, for example, the books Mindfulness ja tieteet (2014) and Ruumiillisuus työelämässä (2016). His passion is bringing methods from each of these practices to the field of bodily lecturing, which he develops as a performer in the dance-phenomenology project Sisterhood in motion (2020), funded by ITAK.


I will teach demo’s on Yi Quan based body images and social somatic of mouth and fake healing on 2020, and the course on Philosophy of body awareness in 2021.

Research and publications

Recent Publications:

Steven Stanley & Ilmari Kortelainen (2019). “The Meditator as Self-Healing Scientist: On the ‘Universal’ Body-Mind Laboratory of Mindfulness Training”. In: ‘Therapeutic Assemblages’, Ed by Salmenniemi etc. Routledge 2019, August.

Parvainen Jaana & Ilmari Kortelainen (2019). Becoming Fully Present in Your Body: Analysing Mindfulness as Affective Investment in Techno Culture”. In: Somatechnics 2019. (Accepted)

Kortelainen, Ilmari (2013). ”Identifying Bodily States”. In: D. Moyal-Sharrock, V. Munz, A. Coliva. (toim.). Mind, Language and Action. Kirchberg am Wechsel: ALWS, 209-211.

Kortelainen Ilmari. (2009). “Bertrand Russell’s Transformative Analysis and Incomplete Symbol”. In: Volker A. Munz, Klaus Puhl, Joseph Wang (toim.) Sprache und Welt: Beiträge des 32. Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums 9.-15. August 2009, Kirchberg am Wechsel: Österreichische Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft, 218-220. (Beiträge der Österreichishen Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft 17).


  • Body as a social entity
  • body awareness
  • meditation