Tero Heikkinen

Job description

Digital Arts and digital platforms for research and art. MAGICS-research infrastructure contact person. Editing RUUKKU peer reviewed journal for artistic research. Developing and tutoring Research Catalogue -artistic research web platform in Uniarts.


Research Catalogue -web platform tutoring and workshops

Visiting lecture/workshop, Pixel Art/Advanced Pixel Art, Alive Dead Media (2019, 2021, 2022) Aalto University

Visiting lecture/workshop, University-Wide Arts Studies (2019) Aalto University

Research and publications

Recent publications:

Markku Reunanen, Tero Heikkinen, Anders Carlsson (2019) PETSCII – A Character Set and a Creative Platform, Replay. The Polish Journal of Game Studies.  doi: https://doi.org/10.18778/2391-8551.05.02

Tero Heikkinen (2019) Searching for Catalysts in the Practice of Drawing, RUUKKU 10.

Miikka Junnila, Markku Reunanen, Tero Heikkinen (2019) The Interplay of Thematic and Ludological Elements in Western-Themed Games. Kinephanos.

Tero Heikkinen (2018) The Building Blocks of Drawing, Origins/Synnyt 3/2018.

Tero Heikkinen, Petri Kaverma & Denise Ziegler (2017) Taiteellinen tutkimus – jatkuva prototyyppi. Tiede & Edistys 4/2017. Tutkijaliitto.

Tero Heikkinen (2017) Drawing Exercises, RUUKKU 7.