Anita Seppä


Anita Seppä (b. 1969) is Professor of Art History and Theory of the Academy of Fine Arts. Seppä is known as a specialist of art theory and visual arts whose research interests cover a broad range of issues, such as the globalization and the arts, the borderlines of aesthetics, ethics and politics, art history, visual culture studies, methodology of the art research and aesthetic theory.

Anita Seppä’s educational background is in the Philosophical Aesthetics (Ph.D), Art Education (MA), Literature studies and Art History. At the moment, she also acts as an adjunct Professor in Philosophical Aesthetics (University of Helsinki) and Art Education (University of Jyväskylä).

Earlier, Seppä has worked as a Professor of Visual Culture Studies in the University of Arts and Design (now part of Aalto University). As one of the founding members of the Pori School of Visual Culture Studies, she has been actively involved in various research and administrative related tasks, acting, for example, as the Head of Studies and Research program, Vice Director of the Dept, and as a Vice Dean.