Taidepiste: Role models and opportunities

Sofia Charifi, Noora Dadu, Silvia Hosseini and Aleksis Salusjärvi discuss the influence of background and how to lower thresholds in the art field.

How do social structures and our personal backgrounds influence our opportunities to make and experience art? What kind of a meaning do the representations that surround us and the role models that we face have on us? What kinds of role models do we need – and what exactly are we talking about when we talk about role models?  

Insights on opportunities, role models and pioneers in the arts will be shared by the chair of the University of the Arts Student Union Board and dance student Sofia Charifi, writer, critic and teacher Silvia Hosseini, and cultural critic and founder of the Sanat haltuun project Aleksis Salusjärvi. The discussion will be hosted by actor, reciter, playwright and director Noora Dadu.

The event will begin with a spoken word performance by Kuopus, rap artist and alumnus of the Theatre Academy.

Taidepiste will take place in the Main Foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre, and it will be live-streamed on Uniarts Helsinki’s YouTube channel. The discussion will be in Finnish. A recording of the event with English subtitles will be published on the Uniarts Helsinki’s YouTube channel shortly after the event.

Taidepiste is Uniarts Helsinki’s new event series, which explores social phenomena through multidisciplinary discussions and art experiences that are free and open to the public. The first Taidepiste event was organised in September 2020, and new events will be organised once a month in the Main Foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre. The event series is sponsored by the Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation.

More information about the guests

Sofia Charifi is the chair of the University of the Arts Student Union Board and currently in her third year of dance studies. She aims to contribute to equality in the field of arts from the point of view of a multicultural artist and has taken it upon herself to promote representation at Uniarts Helsinki. She wants to remind people that everyone has their own voice and encourages people to use it boldly. 

Noora Dadu is an actor, reciter, playwright and director. She has written and directed the performances Minun Palestiinani (2015and FAIL – virheellinen esitys (2016), where she, among other things, resolved the conflict between Israel and Palestine and tried to define her own identity. Dadu has acted in numerous plays, radio dramas and TV series. She is currently writing a book and preparing for her upcoming performances.

Silvia Hosseini is a writer, critic and teacher, who is living in Tampere after moving there from Eastern Helsinki. Hosseini is currently writing her second collection of essays and studying as a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki.

Helsinki-based Aleksis Salusjärvi is a cultural journalist and a hands-on literacy advocate. He has taught reading skills for over 5,000 teenagers who have a negative attitude towards reading in contexts such as special education, hospital schools, vocational schools and youth prisons.

Kuopus (they/them) is a Finnish rap/spoken word artist, who writes personal fantasies and sensitive autofictions. Kuopus is an artist project by actor Pietu Wikström, who wants to shake up the sexist structures in rap by doing things differently. Their debut album titled Luottamus, kuritus + pus was released on 28 August 2020. Kuopus represents Wikström’s personal attempt to rewrite their own identity, a rhyme by rhyme. The music is produced by violinist-composer Elias Riipinen.


28.9.2020 at 17:30 – 19:00


Helsinki Music Centre’s Main Foyer

Mannerheimintie 13a

00100 Helsinki


Free admission

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The event will take place in the Main Foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre, and it will be live streamed on Uniarts Helsinki’s YouTube channel.

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