Helsinki Music Centre’s Main Foyer

The Main Foyer located in the Helsinki Music Centre includes the info and ticket sales, a café and a cloakroom.

The café in the Main Foyer serves townspeople, tourists and house staff. It is a popular meeting spot because the windows offer a view of the Kansalaistori square and Töölönlahti bay.

The Main Foyer also hosts small-scale concerts and public events. The Main Foyer is also rented for private events if other events in the building permit such use.

When there is a concert in the Concert Hall, intermission catering takes place in the Main Foyer.

Reserving the Main Foyer for events

The use and hire of the Musiikkitalo facilities is administered by Musiikkitalo. You can request an offer on the Musiikkitalo website.

Location in the Musiikkitalo

The Main Foyer is located on the third floor of the Musiikkitalo, which is located on the entrance floor of the building when entering from the Kansalaistori Square.

The Main Foyer opens up views to the Kansalaistori Square and Finlandia Park. There is a passage from the Main Foyer to the Concert Hall stalls.

Read more about the facility on the Musiikkitalo website.

Facilities and activities

Helsinki Music Centre
Töölö campus


Mannerheimintie 13a, 00100 Helsinki, Suomi


The Helsinki Music Centre has no thresholds and lifts transport visitors between the floors. Embossed signs help visually impaired visitors to walk around the building safely.

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