Taru Koivisto

  • Doktorand, doktorandseminarium, musikpedagogik, MuTri-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius-Akademin
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Taru-Anneli Koivisto is a music therapist, music educator, and a doctoral researcher interested in the interdisciplinary area of arts, health, and wellbeing. She has almost twenty years of experience in applying a wide range of music practices in education and healthcare, as well as in public health settings. Her research interests also include hybrid working and learning environments, health promotion, and social justice issues.


Doctoral Researcher, University of the Arts Helsinki                              Music Therapist, Eino Roiha Institute
Master of Music, Sibelius Academy                                            Entrepreneur´s Further Vocational Qualification, Omnia 

Forskning och publikationer

Doctoral project

The (Un)Settled Space of Music Practitioners in the Finnish Healthcare System – Hybrid Professionalism through Music Education

Abstract of the written thesis

The idea that professional musicians and music educators may contribute to bedside care in healthcare settings is not new. Initiatives on the political and practical level increasingly allow space for art practitioners to enter in fragile hospital settings, such as hospice wards, oncological wards, and paediatrics. The purpose of my interdisciplinary research is to discuss research, theory and practice considering music practitioners´ work in the Finnish healthcare system, particularly in hospitals. The empirical part of the research was conducted in 2018, in neonatal intensive care unit of the New Children´s Hospital and elderly care wards of the City of Espoo hospital. The qualitative research methodology calls for a research design involving social models of health, utilised through the lenses of sociology and music education. The cultural-sociological and critical discussions of hybrid professionalism are used as complements to build a solid basis for a reflexive, narrative methodological approach and discussion on transforming identities and competences in arts and health professions.