Dominik Schlienger

  • Doktorand, MuTri-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius-Akademin

Forskning och publikationer


Schlienger, Dom: Acoustic Localisation Techniques for Interactive and Locative Audio Applications

For years creatives in the field of spatial interactivity have struggled with cumbersome and often uninspiring technology to use spatial position as an interface for expression in their work. Even today, if an application requires a participant to be tracked, cameras are often being used, and/or contraptions in the form of helmets, headphones with antennas, bulky backpacks, or even bodysuits. However, we know from the literature that in comparison to, for example, motion capture technology using infrared cameras, acoustic localisation techniques can provide similar results with greatly reduced technological effort, using standard audio loudspeakers and microphones. In many musical and audio visual applications, loudspeakers and microphones are already part of the system. Acoustic localisation technology is thus potentially pervasive and ubiquitous. Motivated by my own compositional work, which aims to integrate spatially dynamic elements as key parameters in compositional timelines, I am working towards implementation of a suitable and effective system, in collaboration with composer-researchers at the Sibelius Academy; dancers, actors, sound designers and visual artists at UNIARTS; and researchers at Aalto University’s Computer Science Department. The research is done at the core of, and from within the artistic community.