Peter Götzel: The second violin is important for a string quartet


This week, the Sibelius Academy students have embarked on a journey to Austria and the Viennese dance scene. Renowed Austrian chamber musician and former member of the Vienna Philharmonic, Peter Götzel has been giving a master class for the students, practising and presenting music by the Strauss ”dynasty” and also by Joseph Lanner, one of the fathers of the Viennese walz. He says that playing this Viennese dance music is a very special style.

– String quartett in general is a very sensitive style. The greatest music is not composed for the symphony orchestra but the string quartett! String quartett is like a family, where the members have to understand eachother. It is not always easy for the musicians. In my experience, the second violin is very important for a string quartett: it should be able to express personality but not be too loud in relation to the first violin, explains Götzel. 

The master class was finished by a concert in the Helsinki Music Centre.