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We provide the highest level of education in performing arts and writing in Finland. The Theatre Academy is one of Uniarts Helsinki's three academies.

About us

Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy offers education in performing arts and writing, from bachelors degree to doctoral level. You can study lighting or sound design, scenography, dance, choreography, theatre or dance pedagogy, acting, directing, dramaturgy, performance art and writing. At the Theatre Academy you will study in a professional setting and your teachers will be the best experts in their field. We conduct highquality research in the fields of performing arts and have networked both domestically and internationally.

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With us, you’ll grow into a performing arts professional who knows your own creative identity and who is renewing your field. In addition to our permanent teaching staff, our training programmes are regularly visited by top international professionals.


We conduct research in the fields of performing arts and writing. Doctoral education is provided by the Research Centre for the Performing Arts Tutke.

Art and events

Performances and performing are at the heart of our studies. The Theatre Academy has nearly 50 premieres each year, all of which are open to the public. Welcome!


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