Aune Kallinen

Artistic activities

I am a theatre director, performance artist and teacher, living in a countryside anarchy near Tammisaari. I studied in the same Academy where I am working nowadays (MA 2002). Beside the academic duties I work as a freelance-artist, directing, performing and collaborating. 

In my art work the political, spiritual and meditative qualities are present and investigated through the bodies we are. The relationship between audience-stage/performance- performers is somehow questioned. Self-organization is always supported and welcome. My way of doing performances includes techniques from live-art, somatics, conceptual art, and relates to the contemporary discourses around posthumanism and ecologies. My passion for yoga, contact improvisation and alternative therapies can also be seen in my works and collaborations.

I have directed, collaborated and/or performed over 40 performances after year 1995.

Some recent works

Sädekehistä – täydellisen politiikka/On halos – politics of perfection, Kiasma theatre 2015

Yhteiskunnallista liikettä/Social movement, Kiasma theatre, Helsinki 2012

The national project/Kansallinen hanke, Kiasma theatre, 2010

Kylätasku: Runar ja Kyllikki, Theatre of Rovaniemi, 2010

The Party/Juhlat, The Artistic Theatre of Helsinki, Helsinki, 2009

Lifelike/Toden näköinen, Kiasma theatre, Helsinki, 2009

Parousia – Wedding between the heaven and the earth/ taivaan ja maan hääjuhla, Generaattori, Kajaani, 2008

Memory restitution/Muistiinpalautus, Club Fluxee, Turku, 2007

Spirit/Henki, Forum Box, Helsinki, 2007

Brecht, Müller, Mannerkorpi, Timonen: Drowened/Hukkunut,Theatre Puoli Q, Helsinki, 2007

Collective movements/Kollektiiviliikkeitä, Art Hall, Helsinki, 2007

Social movements – most likely a solo/Yhteiskunnallista liikettä – toden näköisesti soolo, with Jenni Koistinen, Art museums of Kerava and Oulu, 2006

Mortal/Kuolevainen, video work with Teemu Mäki, 2006

Tuomas Timonen: Girls night, with Tuomas Timonen Ateneum, Helsinki, 2005

Fashion House/Muotitalo– politics and performance, Student Theatre, Helsinki 2004

E(sthe)thics of renunciation, Work in progress with Jaana Kokko, Helsinki 2004

Reading as Preformance, with Jaana Kokko, Performance Festival Paide, Estonia 2004

Writing as Prehearsal, with Jaana Kokko, Forum-box, Helsinki and Tallin 2004


  • interdisciplinary
  • contemporary performance
  • ecology
  • radical embodiment
  • politics and performance
  • co-authorship
  • none-authorship