Mutri Doctoral School and Research Unit of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music

We are responsible for doctoral education and research in the Faculty of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy.


We coordinate and manage doctoral studies and research activities in the Faculty of Music education, jazz and folk music and develop doctoral education and research between departments and academies. The supervision for the faculty’s doctoral studies is mainly done in six departments (Arts Management, Global Music, Folk Music, Jazz Music, Music Education, and Music Technology). Our doctoral school has around 70 students in three degree programmes (arts study programme, research programme and applied study programme).

We are a multidisciplinary and multi-artistic network whose departments have independent doctoral seminars and their own research profiles. MuTri is a research unit employing researchers at different stages of their careers. We also have several research projects with external funding. Our students and researchers have the opportunity to focus extensively on the research of music and the various phenomena and society surrounding it.


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  • Toni-Matti Karjalainen

    Professor, Arts Management, Sibelius Academy

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