Marja-Leena Juntunen

Job description

Marja-Leena Juntunen is Professor in Music Education and works in the teacher education program at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.


Juntunen (PhD, LicEd, MM) is Professor in  Music Education at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.

Juntunen has graduated as a Ph.D. (2005) and Licentiate of Education (2000) from the University of Oulu and Master of Music (1989) from the Sibelius Academy, majoring in music education.

She has previously worked as a post-doc researcher and associate professor at the SibA and a university lecture and associate professor at the University of Oulu. Aside of academic career, her work assignments have covered working as a performing musician, Dalcroze pedagogue, general music teacher, and instrumental and early childhood music education teacher. She also has a wealth of international teaching experience. In addition to the universities, she has done research for the Finnish National Board of Education and the Finnish Basic Education Association.

As part of her music teacher education studies, Juntunen has specialized in music-and-movement, Finnish folk music, and early childhood education. She has  taught and coordinated a wide variety of courses in music teacher education degree programs (Research Methods and Seminars, Classroom Didactics, Instrumental Pedagogy, Music-and-Movement, Finnish Folk Music, Keyboard Skills, Improvisation, Popular Music Singing, and Ensembles). She has held an active position in curriculum reformations (incl. national basic education and higher education), including working as an expert member in the reform of the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education in 2013–14 and Teacher’s Pedagogical Studies at SibA (2011–13). She has been invited as a teacher/scholar to, for example, the USA, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, South-Africa, Great Britain, Sweden, and Estonia.


teaches and supervises both masters’ and doctoral students of Music Education. Juntunen is responsible for the pedagogical and research studies in the music education department at the Sibelius Academy.

She currently teaches the following courses (Music Education) :

Masters’ Research Seminar; Doctoral Seminar

Qualitative Research Methds

Pedagogy: Basics of Music Taeching; Introduction to Inderdiciiplinary Arts Pedagy; Introduction to Pedagogy,

Research and publications

Her publication list in the field music education includes over 100 articles, book chapters, and textbooks and covers a wide range of topics, such as embodiment, equality, assessment, agency, and history of music education, in the contexts of comprehensive school, music schools, higher education, and teacher education.

She has served as a visiting editor-in-chief, editorial board member and review reader for numerous research journals.

In recent years, Juntunen has been engaged in the ArtsEqual research initiative (2015–2021), funded by the Academy of Finland ( she is the leader of theBasic Arts Education for All group and a researcher the Arts@school and Visions groups. 

Selected publications


Leskelä-Kärki, M., Juntunen, M.-L. & Kauranen, R. (toim.) 2019. Kansallisbiografia II: Lastenkulttuuri. Helsinki: SKS Biografiakeskus.

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Juntunen, M.-L., Nikkanen, H. & Westerlund, H. (eds.) 2013. Musiikkikasvattaja. Kohti reflektiivistä käytäntöä. Jyväskylä: PS-kustannus.

Juntunen, M.-L. 2013. Kaiken lisäksi nainen. Ellen Urhon ammatillinen elämäkerta [Morover a woman. Professional life story of Ellen Urho]. DocMus Research Publications 5. Helsinki: Sibelius Academy.

Juntunen, M.-L., Perkiö, S. & Simola-Isaksson, I. 2010. Musiikkia liikkuen & Musiikkia tanssien –musiikkiliikunnan käsikirjat ja oheismateriaalit (Textbook).

Peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters

Sutela, K., Ojala, J. & Juntunen, M.-L. Forthcoming. Theoretical viewpoints to embodiment of agency in special music education.

Sutela, K., Juntunen, M.-L., & Ojala, J. Forthcoming. Promoting agency in embodied musical interaction in special music education: A student’s path to agency in a narrative form. British Journal of Music Education.

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in a 7th-grade music classroom. Nordic Research in Music Education Yearbook.

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Book chapters (non-peer-reviewed)

Väkevä, L, Westerlund, H. & Juntunen, M.-L. 2015. Teacher as ignorant school-master: Some Rancièrian musings on instrumental pedagogy. In J.-O. Gullö & P.-H. Holgersson (Eds.) Knowledge formation in and through music. Festschrift in honor of Cecilia K. Hultberg. KMH, Stockholm, 233–242.

Westerlund, H. & Juntunen, M.-L. 2011. From implicit cultural beliefs to the use of explicit reflective stories: Developing critical narratology in music teacher education. In Musik och Kunskapsbildning. En Festskrift till Bengt Olsson. University of Gothenborg. Källered: Intellecta Infolog AB. 185-192.


Articles in text books

Juntunen, M.-L. 2013. Kuuntele, liiku, keksi ja kokeile – improvisointi ja säveltäminen musiikkiliikunnan kontekstissa [Listen, move, invent and try out – improvisation and composing in the context of music and movement]. In J. Ojala & L,0. Väkevä (eds.) Säveltäjäksi kasvattaminen. Pedagogisia näkökulmia musiikin luovaan tekijyyteen [Educating composers. Pedagogical viewpoints on creative agency in music]. Helsinki: Opetushallitus. Oppaat ja käsikirjat 2013:3, 33–51.

Juntunen, M.-L. & Westerlund, H. 2013. Laadukas arviointi osana oppimista ja opetusta.[High quality assessment as part of teaching and learning]. In M.-L. Juntunen, H. Nikkanen & H. Westerlund (Eds.) Musiikkikasvattaja. Kohti reflektiivistä käytäntöä [Music educator. Towards reflective practice]. Jyväskylä: PS, 71–92.

Westerlund, H. & Juntunen, M.-L. 2013. Johdanto [Introduction]. In M.-L. Juntunen, H. Nikkanen & H. Westerlund (Eds.) Musiikkikasvattaja. Kohti reflektiivistä käytäntöä [Music educator. Towards reflective practice]. Jyväskylä: PS, 7–17.

Hyry-Beihammer, E.-K., Joukamo-Ampuja, E., Juntunen, M.-L., Kymäläinen, H. & Leppänen, T.. 2013 Instrumenttiopettaja oppilaan kokonaisvaltaisen muusikkouden kehittäjänä [Instrumental teacher as a developer of student’s holistic growth as musician]. In M.-L. Juntunen, H. Nikkanen & H. Westerlund (eds.) Musiikkikasvattaja. Kohti reflektiivistä käytäntöä [Music educator. Towards reflective practice]. Jyväskylä: PS, 150–182.


Published development or research report or study

Laitinen, S., Hilmola, A, & Juntunen, M.-L. 2011. Perusopetuksen musiikin, kuvataiteen ja käsityön oppimistulosten arviointi 9. vuosiluokalla [Assessment of the learning outcome in music, visual arts, and craft education in the 9th grade of basic education]. Koulutuksen seurantaraportit 2011:1. Helsinki: Opetushallitus.

Laitinen, S., Hilmola, A., Juntunen, M.-L., Palomäki S. & Heikinaro-Johansson, P. 2011. Tiivistelmä ja päätelmiä perusopetuksen musiikin, kuvataiteen, käsityön ja liikunnan oppimistulosten arvioinnista 9. vuosiluokalla. Raportit ja selvitykset 2011:8. Helsinki: Opetushallitus.


Doctoral dissertation

Juntunen, M.-L. 2004. Embodiment in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Doctoral thesis. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Scientiae Rerun Socialium E73. University of Oulu. Available:


Currently,  Juntunen is a research leader together with Juha Ojala in the project that investigates the enactment of the Finnish national core curricula in basic education (FNAE 2014) and in the basic education in the arts (FNAE 2017). It involves researchers also from Åbo Akademi University and University of Norden (Norway).


  • higher music education
  • music education
  • Dalcroze pedagogy
  • Phenomenology
  • embodiment