Theatre Academy

We are a reformer of the performing arts and offer the highest education in theater, dance and writing in Finland.

Three persons in a bright and spacious rehearsal room. Two are wearing costumes, third person is holding wires of lighting equipment.

About us

Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes in performing arts. Our graduates pursue careers as lighting and sound designers, dancers, choreographers, dance and theatre pedagogues, actors, directors, dramaturges and performance artists. We also offer a Degree Programme in Acting in Swedish.

Art, performances, education and research are in constant interaction with each other at the Theatre Academy. Acquiring a set of skills is the foundation to build off of, but the ultimate goal is to develop students’ thinking and help them grow into artists.

Performances are a significant part of the core of the teaching and research at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy, which is why they are also included in the degree requirements. For students, performances are an instrument for producing art, a research tool and an opportunity for hands-on learning.

The Theatre Academy hosts about 50 premiers per year, and the majority of them are open to the public. Anyone can join the audience by purchasing a ticket from the Theatre Academy ticket sales.

Contact information

Admissions services

Tel. (phone operator) +358 294 47 2000

P.O. Box 20


Our 14 degree programmes and centre for joint studies offer a variety of options. Find out more about our offering and admissions.


We are a forerunner in artistic research in performing arts. Our research activities are run by The Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke.

Art and events

Through performance, our students get to make and explore art and learn by doing. Learn more about performances and events.


    • Maarit Ruikka

    • Dean, Theatre Academy
    • +358 400 792 099
    • Contact:
    • Ville Sandqvist

    • Varadekaani, T/Johto
    • +358503090132
    • Leena Rouhiainen

    • Johtava tutkija, Y/Taiteellisen tutkimuksen tk CfAR
    • +358400792093

Professors and heads of programme

    • Eeva Anttila

    • Professori, T/Tanssinopettajan maisteriohjelma
    • +358405858415
    • Tomi Humalisto

    • Professori, T/Valosuunnittelun koulutus- ja maisteriohjelmat
    • +358405074551
    • Otso Huopaniemi

    • Professori, T/Dramaturgian ja näytelmän kirjoittamisen koulutusohjelma
    • +358505288364
    • Jari Kauppinen

    • Professori, T/Äänisuunnittelun koulutus- ja maisteriohjelmat
    • +358400792154
    • Tuija Kokkonen

    • Professori, T/Tohtorikoulutus
    • +358503250708
    • Elina Knihtilä

    • Professori, T/Näyttelijäntaiteen koulutusohjelma
    • +358505240927
    • Saana Lavaste

    • Professori, T/Ohjauksen koulutusohjelma
    • +358505273873
    • Kirsi Monni

    • Professor in Choreography, Theatre Academy
    • +358405456350
    • Eeva Muilu

    • Professori, T/Tanssijantaiteen maisteriohjelma
    • +358456349704
    • Tero Nauha

    • Professori, T/Live Art and Performance Studies
    • +358504710467
    • Leena Rouhiainen

    • Johtava tutkija, Y/Taiteellisen tutkimuksen tk CfAR
    • +358400792093
    • Riku Saastamoinen

    • Yliopistonlehtori, T/Teatteriopettajan maisteriohjelma
    • +358400792037
    • Kristian Smeds

    • Professori, T/Näyttelijäntaiteen koulutusohjelma
    • +358504359655

Alumni and graduates

International Theatre Academy

By actively participating in international networks and collaboration projects we develop our education, artistic activity and research.


Learn about Theatre Academy’s history and how three academies merge to become the University of the Arts Helsinki.