MuTri Doctoral School

Sibelius Academy Faculty of Music Education, Jazz, and Folk Music Doctoral School


MuTri doctoral school is the central operational unit for scientific and artistic doctoral education. It is responsible for coordinating and administrating the faculty's doctoral education and research. It specifically aims to further develop joint doctoral education for the departments and the doctoral academy. The faculty's doctoral education takes place mostly through five departments (jazz, folk music, music education, music technology, and arts management).


The doctoral academy hosts over 60 students. Roughly half of them are enrolled in scientific doctoral education. They number highest in the department of music education. Doctoral artistic education is mostly completed in the jazz and folk music departments. The doctoral school engages in frequent co-operation with other universities, both domestically and internationally.


Artistic activities following doctoral education are integrated into doctoral education. For instance, doctors employed by the faculty participate in doctoral seminars and supervise doctoral studies.


Graduated doctors

Doctorates at Sibelius Academy’s arts, research, and applied-study programmes from 1990–

Doctoral projects

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Research Programme

Artistic Programme

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Staff and contact information

Lecturer Mikko Helevä


Deputy Director
University lecturer Saijaleena Rantanen


Senior Advisor
Hannu Tolvanen

MuTri Doctoral School Staff

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