Uniarts Helsinki recommends the downloading of the Koronavilkku app – remember to also follow the university’s safety instructions

Dear students, staff and friends of Uniarts Helsinki, 

as we start off the autumn term, we would first like to give you an update on the following topics related to the coronavirus situation at our university: 

  • Following the general safety guidelines
  • The introduction of the Koronavilkku tracing app at Uniarts Helsinki
  • Updates on travelling and hosting guests
  • Frequently asked questions about how the spread of coronavirus is prevented at Uniarts Helsinki

Act responsibly – follow the joint safety instructions

The ongoing coronavirus situation has many effects on the studies and work carried out at our university. It is important that everyone takes the university’s safety instructions seriously. If we all act responsibly, we can make sure that it is possible for the university to keep its facilities open during the upcoming academic year.
The most important thing to remember is that nobody is allowed to enter the university facilities when sick. If you have coronavirus-related symptoms, visit the www.omaolo.fi page immediately and take an online coronavirus symptom check-up. If the service instructs you to take a coronavirus test, please do so. If you no longer have symptoms after receiving a negative test result, you can resume your daily work.

Please also remember to maintain a safe 1-2 metre distance to other people in the university facilities and wash your hands carefully after entering the building.

Download Koronavilkku on your phone

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has launched a free mobile app called Koronavilkku, which aims to support the prevention of coronavirus infection chains. The app allows people to participate in preventing the spread of the virus and to protect their own and their loved ones’ health.

The app lets users know if they have possibly been exposed to coronavirus and gives them information on what they should do. Users of the app can anonymously report their infection to other users, which helps in stopping the infection chains.

Uniarts Helsinki recommends that its students and staff download Koronavilkku on their phones. Caring for one another and bearing responsibility is a vital part of a civilised culture, which we must foster especially in these trying times. So let’s take care of each other also during this new academic year.

How to start using the Koronavilkku app on your phone:

  • Download the mobile app onto your phone for free in an app store (e.g. App Store and Google Play).
  • If you need more information or help with how to download the app, go to koronavilkku.fi/en

Travelling and visits

We have updated our guidelines concerning travelling and hosting visitors. We follow the instructions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and encourage everyone to avoid travelling abroad. It is recommended that travelling in Finland, too, is limited to only the necessary business trips.

During the 2020–2021 academic year, decisions on travelling abroad are made by the dean when it comes to personnel within the academies, and as for the staff of the Open Campus, Shared Services and Shared Research, decisions are made by the vice rector in charge of the unit in question.

Frequently asked questions about how the spread of coronavirus is prevented at Uniarts Helsinki

The university’s coronavirus team has published an article on frequently asked questions about coronavirus at Uniarts Helsinki.

The coronavirus team updates the article on a weekly basis.

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