Kuvan Kevät 2024 opens to the public on 4 May

The largest-ever Master of Fine Arts exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts will fill the Mylly building and outdoor spaces of the University of the Arts’ Sörnäinen campus next month. The works in the exhibition engage in dialogue with each other and with the public.

From 4 May to 2 June 2024, the Academy of Fine Arts will host the annual Master of Fine Arts exhibition Kuvan Kevät, which this year will showcase the works of up to 51 fine arts students. The exhibition will be spread across the Kuva/Tila gallery, other floors of the Mylly building and outdoor spaces around the Sörnäinen campus: the massive empty pit next to the Theatre Academy’s premises will create an exceptional exhibition space for land art, installations and performances. Works will be on display from all four teaching areas: Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Time and Space arts.

The exhibition is based on dialogue and the works are arranged in the gallery space to engage in conversation with each other, while forming thematic ensembles. “The exhibition process was guided by the idea of art as a dialogue – a polyphonic conversation that takes place between the artists, the works, the space and the audience,” says Tuomo Rainio, the teacher in charge of the exhibition and lecturer in Art and Technology. The viewer is taken through abstract visual expression, to the intersections of science, art, and technology, through memory and trauma, towards a speculative future, encounters between species and finally to the warm spirit of humanism. “I am very inspired by the variety of ways in which art is being made at the Academy of Fine Arts today. We have a large group of excellent artists in the exhibition, each with their own distinctive voice. It has been interesting to see how the works of different artists are brought together to create an exhibition that is more than the sum of its parts,” says Rainio.

The exhibition catalogue also takes the form of dialogue: conversations between the artists about the everyday lives and artistic process of the master’s students have been edited by art critic Helen Korpak. In addition, as the exhibition approaches, podcasts produced by Artpod will be published, in which the artists talk about their works and reflect on their futures after graduating.

Artists participating in Kuvan Kevät 2024

Onni Alanko, Alves Ludovico, Siew Ching Ang, Tapio Brotherus, Soyoung Christina Chung, Charlotte Clermont, Johanna Etelävirta, Mariam Falaileh, Niklas Feinik, Meri Hallenberg, Minni Havas, Elsa L. Heikkilä, Jonne Heinonen, Lempi Heiskanen, Meri Hiironen, Joel Hilska-Heikkinen, A. Hunt, Annamaari Hyttinen, Anna Jaatinen, Alexi Johnstone, Eeva Juuti, Annabel Kajetski, Saara Karppinen, Daniela Kasperer, Piia Kokkarinen, Nemo Koski, Hanna Kytö, Annele Lahti, Raana Lehtinen, Tuomas Lehtomaa, Liisa-Irmelen Liwata, Priss Niinikoski, Viljami Nissi, Mikki Noroila, Matti Närekangas, Eeva Paavela, Daniel Palpa, Essi Pellikka, Eeti Piiroinen, Sasha Rotts, Kate Ruck, Paula Ruusuranta, Johanna Saikkonen, Senni Siltavuori, Julia Syrzistie, Tua Marika, Petra Vehviläinen, Inkeri Virtanen, Mira Vornanen, Arno Westerberg, Mikko Ängeslevä.

Kuvan Kevät – MFA Degree Show at the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki 4.5.–2.6.2024

Kuva/Tila and other spaces at Mylly, Sörnäisten rantatie 19, 00530 Helsinki. Open from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 6 pm (closed on Ascension Day, May 9). Free admission.

Opening of the exhibition on Friday 3 May at 5 pm. 

As part of the exhibition, an Event Day will be held on Saturday 18 May.

More information about the exhibition and the artists on the exhibition website.