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Artist-activist in post-fossil revolution
Marjatta Oja's research project (2018-2023) explores the empowerment of the artist.
City as Space of Rules and Dreaming
The project funded by Kone Foundation (2021-2024) strengthens polyphony of urban space and thereby develops a more just city.

Kone Foundation

Timo Heino's research project "Food" explores food from different perspectives.
Grabando al caminar
Lea Kantonen researches the arts of indeginous people in Mexico. Grabando al caminar -project took place 2017-2018 and was funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

New Spaces for a new Society
Jan-Erik Andersson's artistic research discusses different theories of space, place and spatiality.
Performing with Plants
The artistic research project develops and specifies the question how to perform landscape today.

Kone Foundation, Swedish Research Council

Poetic Archeology
Research project (2015-2017) stretches the collaboration between art and science.
Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI)
The research project examines the truthfulness of the photographic image.

Academy of Finland

Reconsidering Prototype. The Continuous Prototype as a research method for reading and developing public space
In her artistic research Denise Ziegler creates a prototype of future from a present situation.

University of the Arts Helsinki

TAKING BACK THE MUSEUM – Opening the Space of Community Museums to Recover the Art of Indigenous People
The project aims to decolonize art and museology in order to to recover the art and knowledge of Indigenous communities.

Kone Foundation

The Artist-Researcher as Witness
The research project by Johanna Lecklin focuses on the position of authority of the artist.
The Images of Life and Death
In this artistic research (2015-) Petri Kaverma explores death by building a coffin.