New Spaces for a new Society

Jan-Erik Andersson's artistic research (2020-2022)


The research is divided into two different projects:  

1. To plan and build a hexagonal log house with green roof as a continuation of the Life on a Leaf house project in Turku, which also was Andersson’s Doctoral project at the Academy of Fine Arts (2008). In contrast to the unique Life on a Leaf house, the basic structure of this house is reproducible. In the project, Andersson researches the role of art and ornamentation in creating architectural and social space, by making artistic interventions in the building’s structure. For example, each of the six sides of the building gets its own artist, who gives each façade a different aesthetic content, inspired by cultures from different parts of the world. He also researches aspects of the collaboration between an artist and an architect, when both have equal influence over the design of the building. The process is also affected by the invited artists and Andersson’s family members. The house is planned to be built close to the Life on a Leaf house and therefore opens up possibilities for a communication on different levels between the two buildings and on the design of the common surroundings. 

2. To write a book about the role of art and ornamentation in creating architectural space. It discusses different theories of space, place and spatiality and deals with the problematic relationship between art and architecture. Contemporary architecture theory, usually considers space to be abstract. Andersson will write about projects, where artistic interventions are allowed to interact with the building’s  structures, to create a sensation of space, which is based on unexpectedness and fantasy and suited for a future society, which is more focused on collaboration and ecology.