Preparedness team extended the validity of the further restrictions until 9 May and updated the coronavirus guidelines

The COVID-19 situation has continued to worsen, and the number of new infections especially in Southern and Southwestern Finland is still high. Last week, the Government submitted a legislative proposal to Parliament on temporarily restricting freedom of movement and close contacts for three weeks.

We do not yet know for sure when the restrictions would come into force, but for now, it seems that they will not have a direct impact on the university’s activities.

Even if the restrictions on movement are imposed, our facilities will still be available for carrying out studies, work and related support functions connected to the university’s education, research and related artistic activities. Entrance doors to the facilities will stay closed until 9 May, and access is possible only with a personal access key, as has been the policy since November. However, it is important to remember that visiting the facilities without a proper reason is not allowed, and everyone must follow the university’s safety guidelines and wear a face mask.

Further restrictions and updates on current guidelines

Uniarts Helsinki’s preparedness team convened last Friday to discuss the coronavirus situation and decided to extend the validity of the further restrictions imposed in March until 9 May. 

The restrictions apply to Uniarts Helsinki’s operations in Helsinki. As regards teaching and research, the same guidelines apply in the Kuopio and Seinäjoki units as in Helsinki. However, as regards artistic activities, libraries and leisure-time activities, the restrictions only apply to the university’s units in Helsinki, whereas the Kuopio and Seinäjoki units follow the restrictions imposed by their respective Regional State Administrative Agencies.

A summary of the restrictions:

  • There will be no special permissions granted by the dean for group teaching with over 10 participants
  • It must be ensured that there are no close contacts in teaching

The preparedness team also made updates on the current guidelines, which will stay valid until 9 May.

A summary of the updates:

Artistic activities

In the future, the maximum number of people in concerts and performances of the Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy is 10 people, in addition to which teachers who are acting as instructors or examiners of the participating students as well as members of boards and the required technical staff are also allowed in the space. No outside audience is allowed in concerts and performances, which has been the case so far, too.

The change made: previously, the maximum number was 10 people, which had to include teachers, members of boards and the technical staff. The change was made so that the policy would be in line with the guidelines for teaching, where the maximum group size is also 10 people. In addition to this, teachers who are acting as instructors or examiners of the participating students as well as members of the required technical staff are allowed to be present in the teaching facilities.

The maximum number of people attending the exhibitions of the Academy of Fine Arts galleries at the same time is five people, as has been the case before, too.


Public defences or examinations of doctoral dissertations will continue to be organised remotely, and only the doctoral candidate, opponent, custos and staff members who are necessary for the organising of the event are allowed to be physically present on site. 

The change made: according to the previous formulation, only technical support service personnel were allowed to be physically present on site in addition to the doctoral candidate, opponent and custos. 


Granting of permissions for travelling and inviting international guests is connected to the entry restrictions of the Government and the recommendations of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare concerning a 14-day voluntary quarantine.

  • The change made: the validity of restrictions imposed by the university is now the same as those imposed by the Government. The current guidelines will stay valid until 17 April 2021.

The university’s policy concerning travelling and inviting guests does not apply to applicants who are participating in entrance examinations.

Use of face masks

A face mask must be worn in all situations in the university’s facilities, unless there is a health-related reason that prevents it. It is now everyone’s responsibility to follow the instructions so that studies, research and artistic work can continue in our facilities at least to a limited extent.

We have received questions about why Uniarts Helsinki is not using FFP2 masks, which are more effective than disposable surgical masks. We follow the instructions by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, which state that cloth masks and disposable surgical masks work well when working on campus with no close contact with others. When all people in the same facilities wear cloth masks or disposable surgical masks, the protection measures are sufficient for everyday activities.

Teams and degree programmes can, however, acquire FFP standard respirators if their activities involve situations where the risk of infection is higher due to long close contact, for example.


The following restrictions apply to Kookos and Tempo restaurants:

  • The seating capacity for customers in the restaurants has been limited, and the available customer seating is indicated with chairs. Moving the chairs is not allowed.
  • Visitors to the Kookos restaurant must follow the dining schedule of their specific student group. 
  • Everyone must wear a face mask whenever moving in the restaurants.
  • Everyone must maintain a safe 2-metre distance to other people.
  • Diners must leave the restaurant as soon as possible after eating.

The student restaurants at the Helsinki Music Centre and Academy of Fine Arts will remain closed until further notice.

Visiting the library

Only Uniarts Helsinki students, researchers and staff members can use the libraries in Helsinki, and access to the library facilities is allowed only with a personal access key. This restriction will stay in force until 9 May 2021. The Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy libraries will be closed due to renovation starting from 30 April, and they will reopen in autumn 2021. 

The restrictions do not concern the university’s library in Kuopio.