Global Music Department

Through music making, the Global Music Department plays an active role in fostering respect, understanding, dialogue and collaboration amongst people and cultures in today’s world

Nemah Batt performing on Global Spring fest
Uupi Tirronen


The Global Music Department embraces pluralistic, fluid approaches to sound, music, culture and identity, creating an educational environment where musicians are supported to develop their own unique voices, exchange and merge practices, and create new music through intercultural collaboration.

Our Bachelor and Master’s Degree programmes provide pathways for students from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to develop creative, flexible, musical, pedagogical and research skills, intertwined with an in-depth understanding and hands on experience of working in intercultural and transcultural environments. Students will develop the ability to perform, create, communicate, collaborate, facilitate and lead in a wide range of musical, cultural and socially engaged contexts, fostering a strong sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

The term Global Music is viewed in the broadest sense, incorporating multi-disciplinary and collaborative inter-art approaches, alongside pluralistic forms of musical expression. With intercultural collaboration at the heart of the programme, applicants are welcome from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. Musicians may apply on any main instrument, voice or composition, including traditional instruments from around the world.

Applicants with a background in other art forms may also be considered for the programme, provided they have a sufficient level of musical skills. The Bachelor of Global Music is a 3-year programme taught in English and is a pathway to the 2.5 year Master of Global Music. Applicants with a previous qualification may also apply directly to the master’s programme.

Contact information

  • Nathan Thomson

    Professor, Global music, Sibelius Academy

Studying Global Music

Immerse yourself in a culturally and musically diverse environment to develop into a multi-skilled, flexible, visionary musician and pedagogue with world-class teachers.

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Community engagement

Students in the Global Music Department are actively involved in community engagement projects as an integral part of their studies, with the focus on creating art in collaboration with diverse members of society. Students develop musicianship, pedagogical, facilitation and collaborative skills needed for working in intercultural socially engaged contexts, with contexts ranging from schools and youth groups, to refugee centres and prisons, for example.

Artistic activities and events

Our artistic activities take the form of concerts, recordings and online publications. We organize events ourselves and are involved in the events of the University of the Arts Helsinki.


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