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Global Music: SHUTTERSPEED –the play that never happened

Shutterspeed is a "radio play" album created in collaboration with the Porttiteatteri and the Global Music Department of Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.

Matti Snellman


Shutterspeed is a “radio play” album created in collaboration with the Porttiteatteri and the Global Music Department of Sibelius Academy, University of  the Arts Helsinki.

The performance day was originally planned to take place at the Helsinki Music Centre on 26 May 2021. However, as the spring progressed, it became clear that live performances would not be allowed at the end of May due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of the restrictions, the artistic process and collaboration was able to continue remotely. The artistic starting point for the project was based on the dreams of the Porttiteatteri performers with criminal backgrounds, who wrote monologues about what they would want to express when given the opportunity to perform on stage at the Helsinki Music Centre together with the Global Music students of the Sibelius Academy. The monologues are all based on free speech.

Shutter Speed is a photographic term, which invites listeners to experience the different parts of the audio recording as if they were photos or portraits. For a moment, the photograph reveals a particular chosen point of view, but not the whole truth.

The Porttiteatteri is a community theatre run by arts practitioners for prisoners and criminal performers who are in the process of liberation.

Shutterspeed  radio play album was implemented as part of Community Engagement studies in the Global Music Department at Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts, Helsinki.

SHUTTERSPEED radio play album

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Project name

Valotusaika –esitys jota ei koskaan tapahtunut




Director of the performers: Tuija Minkkinen

Musical direction: Sanna Salmenkallio

Director of the texts: Tuija Minkkinen and Riikka Karjalainen (TEAK)

Recording and mixing: Mikko Haapoja

Texts by: Hesssu, Kami, Veli, Yose, Hanna, Ola, Pete, Tommi, Rasmus, Hilu, Kari ja Pekka.

Music: Oscar Beerten Sapion, Vasileios Katopodis, Katariina Vuoristo, Zipora Ogola, Linda Ilves ja Sanna Salmenkallio