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Dance performance

Learn about our MA programme in Dance Performance's activities, content of studies, current events and latest publications.

Sanni Siira


The master’s degree programme in dance performance offers their students an opportunity to develop their artistic practices as dancers and performers in a diverse educational community. The education is build on an expanded understanding of the role of a dance artist and is in active relation to the current issues in the field.

The studies broaden the student’s understanding of the history, theory and practices of dance art and provides a platform for artistic experimenting, deepening one’s own performance practices and creative collaboration with students in other degree programs. Through optional studies and personal study planning, the studies provide an opportunity to delve into self-interesting working methods, roles and traditions.

Contact information

  • Eeva Muilu

  • Jan-Peter Kaiku




Read about the studies of dance performance in Theatre Academy.

Students and the most recent alumnus

    • Taru Aho

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2021
    • +358408462938
    • Jacqueline Aylward

    • Student in dance performance, starting year 2021
    • Raphaël Beau

    • Student in Dance performance, Starting year 2021
    • Maja Kalafatić

    • Student in Dance performance, Starting year 2021
    • Johanna Karlberg

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2022
    • +358509102769
    • Suvi Kelloniemi

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2022
    • +358404105208
    • Sanni Kriikku

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2021
    • +358407191636
    • Iiris Laakso

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2021
    • +358445533111
    • Elisa Lejeune

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2022
    • +358403559351
    • Maria Mäkelä

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2022
    • +358504317919
    • Verna Nordlund

    • Master of Arts (Dance) 2021
    • +358504012585

Writing as a dancer, I write with my whole body and move between what is already presently perceived and what can be imagined.

Anni Kaila Alumna

Artistic research and publications

Theatre Academy is a pioneer in artistic research. Read doctoral dissertations and MA thesis.


    • Eeva Muilu

    • Professor, Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Performance, Theatre Academy
    • +358456349704
    • Sanna Myllylahti

    • Lecturer, Degree programme in Dance, Theatre Academy
    • +358440504722
    • Simo Kellokumpu

    • Lecturer, Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Performance, Theatre Academy
      Visiting researcher, Research Theater Academy, Research and doctoral education
    • +358504727421
    • Jan-Peter Kaiku

    • Manager, Education planning services Theatre Academy, Theatre Academy
    • +358400792041