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Read more about the latest trends and visions in the field of dance and theatre pedagogy and find out how to offer teaching practice opportunities to our students.

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The main elements in the master’s degree programmes in dance and theatre pedagogy include multiartistic collaborations, seamless connection between various fields of performing arts, and the development and exploration of new performance forms with an inquiring mindset. Pedagogical practice stems from artistic work, which is based on an understanding of the various needs connected to interaction. The degree programmes take into account that students have diverse backgrounds and competencies as they embark on their journey in arts pedagogy.

Teachers in the field of arts are socially engaged operators. This means that besides delving into questions about teaching and learning, they are interested in examining the structures that have a critical impact on the field and in actively offering their views in the discussion on the core issues of the field.

Our goal is to develop pedagogy in the field of performing arts by taking into account:

  • the ever-increasing complexity and diversity of social issues
  • increasingly more diverse conceptions of what art and performance entail and what forms art and performance can take
  • challenges and opportunities created by the multi-locality of learning and the postdigital world
  • fragmentation of time allocation and work cultures and this development’s impact on people’s concentration skills and presence

What is dance and theatre pedagogy like in Finland?

We are heading towards even more versatile arenas. In the future, our dance and theatre teachers will represent an even wider variety of fields and backgrounds.

We promote an artistically oriented, comprehensive view of what it means to be human and engage in a fearless fight against increase in wellbeing-related problems among children and young people as well as increase in social inequality and polarisation.

In the future, the arts and culture will be held in higher regard than now as part of the daily lives of each and every one of us.

Performing arts pedagogy brings people together and offers a platform for drawing inspiration, making an impact, learning new things and sharing ideas.


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