Application to Master’s Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies

No admission in 2024.

Application Instructions for 2023 Student Selection for the Master’s Degree Programme in Live Art And Performance Studies

Please note that there will be changes to these admission criteria and advance assignments in the next application round

Length of study and the language of the degree

  • Length of study: 2 years
  • Language of degree: English

Eligibility for education

You are eligible to apply for Master’s Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) if you have:

  1. completed a higher education degree in Finland and your degree includes at least 30 ECTS credits worth of studies in arts

  2. completed a bachelor’s degree abroad, which in the country concerned grants eligibility to undertake higher education studies at master’s level, and your degree comprises at least 30 ECTS credits worth of studies in arts


  3. if you have acquired sufficient knowledge and competence, as determined by the Theatre Academy, on the basis of your studies and work experience in the field. In this case, you must have completed at least 60 ECTS credits worth of higher education studies in the arts by the end of the application period. In addition, we require at least two years of full-time work in the field of arts (equal to 120 ECTS credits worth of studies).  
    This option is intended for applicants with an incomplete degree or applicants who have completed other studies in the arts, such as studies at the Open University.  

Attachments required to verify eligibility

Section 1 
Attach a degree certificate and a transcript of records to your application. Clearly mark the minimum number of ECTS credits (30) required in the transcript of records or a separate appendix for higher education arts studies.

Section 2 
Attach a degree certificate and a transcript of records as well as Diploma Supplement to your application. If a Diploma Supplement is not available, provide a separate report on the status of the foreign degree in the education system of the country of study, and a description of the duration of the programme. Clearly mark the minimum number of ECTS credits (30) required in the transcript of records or a separate appendix for higher education arts studies. 
Section 3 
Attach a transcript of records of the minimum number of ECTS credits (60) required for higher education arts studies. In addition, provide a clear itemisation of two years of full-time work in the field of arts (production, employer/work group, performance venue, training period, performances). 

Applying for transfer from another university

Applicants who are refugees or in a refugee-like situation

Language requirements

The language of study and degree in the Master’s Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies is English.

In order to become accepted as a degree student, you must, in the application phase, demonstrate the language proficiency required by the studies in accordance with the language of instruction.

Study languages and the language of the degree in Theatre Academy

Tuition fee

Tuition fees at Uniarts Helsinki are applicable to Bachelor’s and Master’s students who study in English and who are not citizens of EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

Read more about tuition fees and scholarships

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for the advance assignments and the entrance examinations:

  • overt motivation to MA studies  
  • exploratory ethos in artistic practice and conceptual clarity of ideas  
  • demonstrated capability for critical reflection on your artistic work 
  • aptitude to work in collaborative research environment 
  • desire to combine artistic practice with theoretical studies 
  • motivated research orientation 
  • sufficiently developed practice and knowledge for MA in live art and theoretical studies  
  • ability to understand and employ theoretical materials to support your artistic practice  
  • ability to write exploratory and analytic text 

Advance assignments

The applicant is required to submit three advance assignments: Motivation Letter, Research Plan and Portfolio. 

No further explanation or more detailed information will be available on the advance assignment. The advance assignment should be completed in English. Page size is A4, spacing 1.5, font size 12. Please mark your name on each advance assignment and insert page numbers.

1. Motivation Letter

In the Motivation letter you should clearly indicate your motivation and interest to apply to the LAPS MA programme at the University of the Arts Helsinki. You should demonstrate what you aim to accomplish during the two years of your study. Name the PDF file: lastname_firstname_motivation_ letter

2. Research Plan

In the Research Plan you should present both artistic and theoretical interests, themes, questions, contexts, methods and their intersections which would form the basis of your studies at LAPS MA programme. The length of the Research Plan is between 1500-2500 words. It should include a short abstract where you present these interests in concise form. In supporting your arguments reference to other artists, scholars or theoretical ideas or phenomena of contemporary performance that your find relevant. In the Research Plan you should present how you would see LAPS MA programme supporting your inquiry. Reference list or bibliography of literature, audio-visual materials, performances, artworks, or other publications should be included, but it does not count towards the word limit. Familiarize yourself with the LAPS Curriculum, LAPS website and focus areas. Name the PDF file: lastname_firstname_reseach_plan

3. Portfolio

The portfolio should present maximum 5 artworks or art projects of yours. The portfolio needs to be presented in a PDF format. You may add maximum 5 links to online documentation (audio, video, website, social media, etc.) that are related to works presented in the portfolio. Name the PDF file: lastname_firstname_portfolio 

When eligibility of each applicant is confirmed, the selection for the Phase 2 is made based on the advance assignments and application (Phase 1). 

Student selections

A decision on the applicant’s eligibility will be made on week 9-10. Applicants found eligible/ ineligible will be informed of that decision via e-mail. Those who have passed the first phase based on their advance assignments will be sent invitations to phase 2 by e-mail. Applicants cannot change the entrance examination times assigned to them. Applicants not considered eligible based on the advance assignments will also be notified via e-mail.

The selection process occurs in three phases

Additional assignments may be given during the selection process. The assignments will be given in English and should be answered in English.

Phase 1
Submitting an online application form, advance assignments and appendices in Studyinfo portal

Phase 2 
The Phase 2 consists of a written assignment and a group discussion. Assignment instructions will be sent by email by 14 March 2023 at the latest. 
The applicants need to submit the Phase 2 written assignments by XX at 3 pm (Finnish time) 
Phase 2 group discussion will be held online on XX at 4 pm (Finnish time). 

Phase 3 
Based on Phase 1 & 2 assignments, eligible applicants will be invited for an interview by XX. The applicants will receive instructions for the Phase 3 assignment that will be presented for the admission panel during the online interview.  

Applicants are not required to travel to Helsinki at any point of the selection process.  

The selection of the applicants moving on to the next phase is based on the assessment of assignments following the criteria. 

More information about entrance examinations and assessment

Individual arrangements in the entrance examination

Help and advice

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You can contact us via email or phone.

Phone: +358 50 349 6672

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