Individual arrangements in the entrance examination

Read how and on what grounds you can apply for individual arrangements in the entrance examination.

The non-discrimination of applicants in the admissions process is secured by making individual arrangements. Applicants requiring individual arrangements apply for the right to study in the same manner as other applicants, they must participate in the entrance examination, and they are assessed using the same criteria as other applicants to the same degree programme.

If the applicant requires individual arrangements in the entrance examination because of a sensory or physical disability, illness or other corresponding reason, they must apply for individual arrangements.

The application starts by filling in an online form (below), where the applicant doesn’t yet specify the needs for the individual arrangements. The form must be submitted by the deadline specified for submitting documents for the joint application procedure. If you are applying to more than one academy, mark all the academies you are applying to. Your application will be processed separately at each academy. After that you will be contacted by the Admissions Office by secure e-mail, and you will get more instructions. Please don’t send any sensitive data by normal email (without encryption).

The applicant must describe what kinds of individual arrangements are needed in the entrance examination and why these arrangements are necessary. To clarify the nature of the disability or illness and the need of individual arrangements, the applicant must acquire a statement issued by a medical specialist or other corresponding expert and deliver it to the admissions office along with their application for individual arrangements. To verify a case of dyslexia, a statement by a special education teacher, psychologist, or a speech therapist is sufficient. A decision by the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board about individual arrangements is also sufficient to verify the need for individual arrangements.

As a rule, the statement should be dated during or after the applicant’s general upper secondary school years or other upper secondary education. In the case of a permanent illness or disability, statements issued at an earlier date can also be considered. Any attachments to applications are confidential.

If a reason for individual arrangements arises or is found after the application deadline during the admissions process, the applicant must submit an application for individual arrangements immediately to the admissions offices of each of the academies in charge of organising entrance examinations in which the applicant is planning to participate.

Uniarts Helsinki may reject the application for individual arrangements, if the arrangements would be impossible to carry out due to scheduling reasons, for example (e.g. if the application arrives so late that it is no longer possible to take measures based on it). The decision concerning individual arrangements is programme-specific and the decision is valid only on a specific entrance examination day. The university does not issue a separate appealable decision on individual arrangements; appealing is connected to the admission decision. Procedures in accordance with good administrative practice shall be followed in the relevant decision-making. The supporting documents are confidential.