Accepting the offered study place and starting your studies at the Sibelius Academy

Accepting the offered study place

You can accept your study place electronically on the Studyinfo system or by submitting the confirmation form attached to your letter of acceptance by e-mail to the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office. You must accept your study place by the given deadline.

If the confirmation arrives late, it will not be considered. The confirmation of acceptance is binding and irrevocable, and it cannot be cancelled. If you want to give up your study place after first accepting it, you are still considered to have accepted the study place for the semester in question (for more information, see ‘one study place per term’ provision).

Conditional acceptance

If you complete your degree only after the application period ends, the decision on your admittance is conditional. In this case, you must submit a copy of your degree certificate to the Sibelius Academy after you graduate, but no later than the deadline set for conditionally admitted applicants’ degree certificate submissions. Sibelius Academy can also at its discretion accept an official provisory degree certificate that shows you have completed the course and all the required examinations and will receive the official degree certificate or diploma later.

If you do not have an opportunity to demonstrate your language skills before the application deadline, your eligibility will be conditional with respect to language skills. In this case, you must submit an acceptable certificate of your language skills to the Sibelius Academy as soon as possible, but no later than the deadline set for conditionally admitted applicants’ certificate submissions.

If you do not submit the required certificates by the given deadline, you will lose your conditional study place at the Sibelius Academy.

Starting your studies

First-year studies begin in mid-August with an orientation period that is compulsory for all new students. If we offer a preliminary course in music theory before mid-August, course participants will be given a detailed schedule in their letter of acceptance.

New students must register as attending at the Sibelius Academy before the academic year begins – more information will be sent to you along with your acceptance letter. You can apply for the right to be absent for the first year of studies only under certain statutory circumstances. The right to absence must be applied for in writing to Sibelius Academy before the end of the registration period. Submit a certificate that entitles you to absence with your application.

More information on registering as absent for the first year of studies can be found here

Tuition fees

Uniarts Helsinki will charge an annual tuition fee of 5,000 euros from non-EU and non-EEA students studying for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a foreign language. In Sibelius Academy’s admissions, tuition fees apply to applicants applying to study in English. The amount of the annual tuition fee will stay the same for the duration of a particular student’s studies. The amount of the tuition fee is confirmed on a yearly basis.

If you are liable for payment due to your nationality, you must use the application form in the Studyinfo portal to notify whether you have a document that would release you from payment. The document that proves your right to exemption should be submitted to the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office by the application deadline. If your liability to pay the fee changes after the application deadline, please contact the admissions office immediately.

More information on tuition fees at Uniarts Helsinki can be found here


Uniarts Helsinki has a scholarship programme for students who are liable for payment in the form of tuition fee waivers. NOTE! Uniarts Helsinki does not offer any scholarships for living expenses.

If you are liable for payment, you must state on the Studyinfo application form if your wish to apply for a scholarship from Uniarts Helsinki to cover the annual tuition fee if you are admitted as a student. A separate form is used to apply for the scholarship (link to the tuition fee waiver form can be found on the Studyinfo application form).

The scholarships are granted for one academic year at a time based on applications. The scholarships are either 50% or 100% tuition fee waivers. All new tuition fee paying degree students who have applied for the scholarship will be granted a tuition fee waiver of EUR 2,500 (50%) on their first academic year. If a student is awarded a scholarship, they will be notified of the decision personally at the same time as they receive the admission results.

More information on scholarships at Uniarts Helsinki can be found here