SibA Research Days 2024 – Society and Research in Dialogue

SibA Research Days 2024 is organised by MuTri Doctoral School on 14.-15.3.2024 with the theme of Society and Research in Dialogue in Black Box, Music Centre.

The theme of this year’s research days is the relationship and dialogue between art, research, and society. What types of dialogues do we create and enable by our artistic or scientific research with our audiences, colleagues, readers, or the society at large? How can we improve the dialogue and what are the challenges we face?


Registration to the event is open until 4 March 2024.

Programme Wednesday 13.3.

  • 16:15-18:15. Pre-seminar programme (classroom S-3101)
    Patrick Schmidt: Music Professionalism and Policy Entrepreneurship

Programme Thursday 14.3.

9:30 Coffee and registration

10:00 Welcoming words (Black Box): Emilie Gardberg & Toni-Matti Karjalainen

10:15-11:00 Keynote (Black Box): Anita Seppä (Title TBA)

11:00-12:00 Panel:  Society and Research in Dialogue (Black Box)

  • Moderator: Kai Alhanen
  • Participants: Tuulikki Laes, Rosa Meriläinen, Tuire Kuusi, Anita Seppä

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:30 Recital (Black Box)

  • Libero Mureddu: Reflections on ‘Sonic Avatars’, a performance for eight improvisers and live audiovisual projections

13:30-14:35 Presentations (Black Box)

  • Kristina Kuznetsova-Bogdanovitsh: Transformative learning experiences and arts managers’ identity construction
  • Livia Schweizer:A text score to access the role of the performer-improviser and as resource to expand creativity.
  • Elena Mindru-Turunen: Melodic Variation in Vocal Jazz: Analysis of the “Second Head” Tradition in Jazz Standard Singing
  • Hanna Backer Johnsen: Student voices in dialogue? Adolescents’ experiences from a social innovation in the music school field
  • Timo Tähkänen: Drag Story Time

14:35-15:00 Coffee & greetings from Music Finland: Merja Hottinen and Lasse Lehtonen (Lobby)

15:00-15:30 Recital (Black Box)

  • Cecilia Oinas: Suomi, Solitude, Sibelius, and Saariaho: Sonic Bridges Uniting the Pianist and Singer Together in Sibelius’s “En slända” and Saariaho’s “Parfum de l’instant”

15:30-16:30 Presentations (Black Box)

  • Gian Luigi Biagini: Critical Urban intervention as dialogue with the city.
  • Lilja Lehmuskallio: Reshaping Representations: Strategic and intersectional construction of representations in arts organisations
  • Katri A. Keskinen: Professionalism in Popular Music Voice Teaching: Navigating Academic Structures and Societal Changes

16:30-17:00 Short presentations (Black Box)

  • Kaisa Johanna Vähi: Music schools’ curricular development in post-Soviet Estonia: Advocating for more inclusive and learner-centred instrumental education
  • Tuulikki Laes & Taru Koivisto: Performing the Political: Public Pedagogy in Higher Music Education
  • Nina Liebenberg: Breathing lessons: curatorship as a tool for communicating across disciplines
  • Sasha Mäkilä: Orchestras, Conductors, and Sustainability

17:30 Real dialogue (Café Feeniks)

Programme Friday 15.3.

8:30 Coffee (Lobby)

9:00-9:45 Keynote: Erkki Huovinen, title TBA (Black Box):

9:45-10:15 Recital (Black Box)

  • Maiju Loukola, Aino Hirvola, Paul Tiensuu, Henna-Riikka Halonen:”How is art useful? Let’s not invite dialogue.”

10:15-11:15 Presentations (Black Box)

  • Harri Homi: Navigating Music streaming with Foucault’s Dispositive
  • Laura Valoma: In Search of Equity: Instruments of Equity within Finnish Cultural Policy and Funding
  • Spiros Delegos: Voices of Rebetiko in Musical Heterotopias: From Research Study Programme to Audiences

11:15-11:30 Coffee (Lobby)

11:30-12:00 Recital: Adriano Adewale: Comunal – A Joint Experience of Music Making (Black Box)

12:00-13:00 Presentations (Black Box)

  • Antti Snellman: Teacher Autonomy – or Isolation? Workshop Model for Critically Reflective Practice in Finnish Music Schools
  • Timothy Smith: Neurodiversity as a Lens for Access and Equity in the Research of Arts and Arts Education
  • Hanne Närhinsalo: Co-constructing visions for student-centered and holistic teaching of musicianship skills: teacher collaboration as a supporter of teacher change in the Finnish music schools
  • Alicia Lucendo-Noriega: What makes music drive social-emotional development? Preliminary findings from a scoping review

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 Recital: Juho Laitinen: How to keep one’s head in the presence of a tiger – learning together in experimental music (Black Box)

14:30-15:10 Presentations (Black Box)

  • Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi: Opera Meets Popular Music: OPERA POP. A Compositional Exploration of Critical Music
  • Neea Lamminmäki: Näppäri music education as a counterlabel and critical counter-practice

15:10-15:15 Ending words: Toni-Matti Karjalainen (Black Box)

15:15-16:00 After dialogue

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Organising team members (MuTri, SibA)

  • Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Head of MuTri Doctoral School and Research Unit
  • Jaska Lukkarinen, Head of the organising team
  • Hanna Backer Johnsen
  • Katri A. Keskinen
  • Lilja Lehmuskallio


14.3.2024 – 15.3.2024


Black Box

Mannerheimintie 13

00100 Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre


Free admission

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