Black Box

Technology inside Black Box is extensive, and therefore the room is highly suitable for amplified music.

Black Box inside Musiikkitalo is versatile and can be adjusted for various events with its retractable telescopic seating system, so the room can be used for terraces or ascending seats. Black Box is also suitable for lectures.

The room facilitates terraces for a maximum of 400 people, and with the seating system, there are 220 seats.

The acoustics inside Black Box have been designed for amplified music. The reverberation inside the room is very soft.

Reserving Black Box for events

The use and hire of the Musiikkitalo facilities is administered by Musiikkitalo. You can request an offer on the Musiikkitalo website.

Facilities and activities

Helsinki Music Centre
Töölö campus


Mannerheimintie 13, 00100 Helsinki, Suomi


Black Box is located on the Centre’s first floor, which is accessible via the Main Lobby by lift and stairs.

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