NYKY Ensemble: Towards the Brilliant Past

This NYKY concert programme, designed by composer and violist Max Savikangas, presents some of the newest and most exciting contemporary Finnish compositions.

X-symboli sinisellä ja violetilla taustalla.

Many of them are dealing with the pressing sociological and environmental issues like personal and structural violence, the effects of competition in the society to an individual, gender and transgender equality, exploitation of the poor, mass extinction of the animal and plant species due to the actions of the human race and the threat of the climate change.

These issues are reflected in the pieces in a very personal and also surprising ways by the composers, sometimes with a humoristic twist. The use of live-electronics, sound tracks, click tracks, instrumental amplification and video projection is very much a trend nowadays, as we can see from the programme. The title reflects the fleeing momentariness of the present now and also implies that we could – still – change the grim future of our planet into a better one. Act before it’s too late! 

NYKY Ensemble


Tytti Arola & Thorkell Nordal: About Crickets (2019)
Maija Hynninen: Glow Within (2018)
Max Savikangas: Silvertone (2017-19)
Asta Hyvärinen: Peloton, Symptoms of Bicycling (2019)
Veli Kujala: Taz (2018)

Further information: Libero Mureddu, libero.mureddu@uniarts.fi

The concert can also be watched as a live stream and recording.


23.10.2020 at 19:00 – 21:00


Musiikkitalo, Sibelius-Akatemia

Töölönlahdenkatu 16

00100 Helsinki

Black Box


Free admission, seat must be reserved.

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There are 27 seats available for the concert. We want to create a safe event experience even during the corona. Please read the safety instructions here before arriving at the event.

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