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At Uniarts Helsinki, you can complete a doctoral degree in fine arts, music, theatre, or dance. Admissions to doctoral programmes are academy and programme specific. 

Doctoral Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts

The Doctoral Programme in Fine Arts at The Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki admits students through an open application procedure. A maximum of 5 new doctoral students will be admitted to commence studies in the autumn term of 2019 to complete a Doctor of Fine Arts degree (DFA). The scope of the degree is 240 ECTS credits.

The application period starts on 31 August and ends on 12 October 2018.

Application instructions for doctoral study at the Academy of Fine Arts 2019


Doctoral Studies at the Theatre Academy

The Doctoral Programme of Artistic Research in Performing Arts at the Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki admits doctoral students through an open application procedure. 

The next application period will be 31 August - 12 October 2018.

The application period is approximately 6 months long and the selected doctoral students will start their doctoral studies in the autumn 2019. 

Application instructions for doctoral study at Theatre Academy 2019

Doctoral Studies at the Sibelius Academy

At the Sibelius Academy, doctoral students work towards creative and analytical expertise in art, research, development, and education. In addition to gaining expertise in their fields, doctoral graduates from Sibelius Academy are committed to work for an ethically sustainable future. Doctoral study at Sibelius Academy is based on the interaction between art, research, and pedagogy. The goal of the doctoral students is to complete a doctor of music degree. Students admitted to the doctoral school can also complete a licentiate degree before the doctor of music degree. The following instructions apply primarily to the doctor of music degree. If the instructions for the licentiate of music degree differ from the instructions for a doctor of music degree, the differences will be described as necessary.


Results of the admission procedure 2017.


Details on applying can be found below.

Applying to the Sibelius Academy as a doctoral student

Applying to the Sibelius Academy as a doctoral student


Study programmes, specialisations, and doctoral schools

Doctorates can be earned in three different study programmes: Arts, Research, or Applied Study.

The doctorates can be completed in classical music, church music, music theory, composition, folk music, jazz, music technology, arts management, or music education. Doctoral education takes place in two doctoral schools: DocMus and MuTri.


Structure of doctoral study

The minimum number of credits for the doctoral demonstration of proficiency is 165 ECTS credits. In addition, the degree includes a total of 75 ECTS credits’ worth of supportive studies, of which at least 15 ECTS credits must be earned in studies in ethics and in the philosophy of arts and science. The minimum number of credits for the licentiate demonstration of proficiency is 75 ECTS credits, and the licentiate degree includes a total of 75 ECTS credits’ worth of supportive studies.


In the Arts Study Programme, the focus is on independent artistic work, complemented by studies that enhance conceptual understanding of the field. The demonstration of proficiency combines artistic and research-oriented approaches. The demonstration of proficiency usually includes five artistic components (concerts and recordings or an equivalent combination) and a thesis.


In the Research Programme, the focus is on academic research and complementary studies in research skills. The demonstration of proficiency in the Research Programme is a traditional dissertation.


In the Applied Study Programme, the students develop specialised knowledge and skills through a music-related research and development project. The degree can be academic/scientific or artistic. The demonstration of proficiency includes various components, for example, new and proven methods, applications, programmes, materials, or theories.



The next application period to the Sibelius Academy’s doctoral schools starts on 2 January 2019 and ends on 31 January 2019, at 4.00 p.m. EET. Eligibility for doctoral studies requires that candidates have a master of music degree or equivalent. Eligibility may also be based on other prior studies, subject to the Academic Council's assessment of the candidate's prospects for successful study in the programme.


Sibelius Academy directions for doctoral degrees:


Applications to the doctoral schools must be directed to the Academic Council. Based on the application,

1. the student can be granted the right to study towards the doctor of music degree,

2. the student can be granted the opportunity to be admitted as a preparatory external student (at the doctoral school head’s discretion),

3. or the application can be rejected. 

An application form is available online at All appendices to the application must be submitted to Embark


>> Instructions how to use Embark


Admission decisions and announcement of the results

A central criterion for acceptance is the applicant's prospects for successful doctoral study. After hearing from the expert panel and the doctoral school in question, the Academic Council assesses the candidate’s doctoral study plan based on the candidate’s application. If the council approves the application, it makes a proposal of admission to the dean. For external preparatory students, the doctoral school’s head makes the decision based on the assessment of an expert panel.

All applicants will be informed of the results by 15 June 2019. 


Appeal request

In accordance with the Finnish Universities Act 558/2009 section 82, a person who has applied for entry to a university may lodge a request in writing with the university for a rectification of the decision concerning admission within 14 days from the publication of the admission results. The appeal request must be submitted in writing to the University of the Arts Helsinki’s registry.

How to submit an appeal request and what to include

The request must be submitted to the registry within 14 days after the publication of the admission decision. Requests for appeals are sent at the sender’s own risk. If you submit the appeal request by email, write the name of the appropriate academy in the subject line. The name and contact details of the appellant and the statement, as well as the grounds for the request, must be included.

University of the Arts Helsinki Registry:

University of the Arts Helsinki Registry
P.O. Box 38 / Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C
FI-00097 University of the Arts Helsinki

Further information:
DocMus/Sirpa Järvelä,, +358 40 710 4286
MuTri/Hannu Tolvanen,, +358 50 5680 584


Applying to Arts Study Programme

Applying to Research Study Programme

Applying to Applied Study Programme