Tuulikki Laes

Lehtori, SibA/Musiikkikasvatuksen aineryhmä

Tuntiopettaja, SibA/Tohtorikoulu MuTri


Tuulikki Laes (D.Mus) is a post doctoral researcher and lecturer at the MuTri Doctoral School.

Laes has worked in ArtsEqual since the beginning of the project in 2015 in two teams: Basic Arts Education for All and Visions – Systems Analysis and Policy Recommendations. As part of ArtsEqual, she assumed the role of visiting scholar at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria in 2017. Laes has published her work widely and presented in numerous international conferences. She has given invited talks in Norway, Netherland, and Canada. She is the member of the editorial committee of the International Journal of Music Education (IJME) and the board member of the Finnish Society of Music Education (FISME).



Tutkijatohtori, lehtori
Tutkimus ja julkaisut

Laes completed her doctorate with a pass with distinction in May 2017 from the UniArts. In her dissertation she examines the ‘impossibility of inclusion’ in music education through challenging the assumptions of appropriate music education in terms of ‘special’ and ‘regular’ education, dis/ability, and age. In her current post doctoral project at CERADA she focuses on the political outlooks to the meanings and value of lifelong learning in music education. She has also conducted a policy brief as part of ArtsEqual together with the research team on the accessibility of basic education in the arts. Laes has published widely single and co-authored articles and book chapters in English and in Finnish. The complete publication list will be found in VIRTA and on the personal website.