Juha Torvinen

Akatemiatutkija, S/MuTri-tohtorikoulu


Academy of Finland Research Fellow (2014–2019)

Title of Docent (habilitation) of musicology at the Universities of Helsinki and Turku

Vice-chair of the Finnish Musicological Society

Board member of Suoni ry, a society for activist music research

Current research projects:

- Music, Nature, and Environmental Crises: A Northern Perspective on Ecocritical Trends in Contemporary Music (see the project description below).

- The life and works of the composer Erik Bergman (1911–2006)

- Music as societal change: the manifesto and methods of activist music research (2018–, a project of Suoni ry, together with Susanna Välimäki, Saijaleena Rantanen, Kim Ramstedt, Sini Mononen and Kaj Ahlsved).


Project Description: Music, Nature and Environmental Crises: A Northern Perspective on Ecocritical Trends in Contemporary Music

Environmental concerns have become an inescapable part of the everyday life in the Western world. At the same time, it has been widely acknowledged that scientific research, technological know-how, and legislative regulation are not sufficient to gain a full understanding of these concerns. We also need cultural discussion, imagination, art and vision, that is: we need humanistic understanding.

The main task of the present project is to study the significance of contemporary music to our socio-cultural understanding of ecological problems. The project offers a musicological contribution to the humanist study of environmental crises, which examines the values, meanings, experiences, historical roots and future prospects of these crises. The main research question of the project reads: What is the significance of contemporary music to our general ecological awareness? And furthermore: How might music scholars respond to environmental concerns, and what is the significance of musicological knowledge to ecological awareness?

The main objective of the project is defined further in two ways. (1) First, the music studied consists mainly, but not exclusively, of northerly contemporary classical music. This denotes an artistically ambitious genre and an exceptionally significant site of cultural negotiation about ecological values. (2) Second, the project combines interdisciplinary cultural and philosophical methods with music analytic and music phenomenological methods in order to examine in detail the workings of music as sonic form of cultural imagery that outlines and shapes in a significant way the human being’s relation to the environment.

The project will produce new knowledge in various areas of music and cultural research. It will chart in detail ecocritical aesthetics and environmental strategies in contemporary music. It will reveal in how many and what particular ways music and musical practices influence public views on environmental issues and how the age-old relationship between music and nature has gained new significance in the present-day world dominated by environmental crises. The project will open up and develop new methods of ecocritical music research (ecomusicology). The results are expected to have wide-ranging significance both in the academia and society at large. The project will show how music helps us to live and deal with ecological concerns and by that contributes to our cultural understanding of environmental crises.

Tutkimus ja julkaisut


Books in preparation

Musiikki ja luonto: Kirjoituksia äänellisestä kulttuurista ympäristökriisin aikakaudella (Music and Nature: Essays on Auditory Culture at the Age of an Environmental Crisis; an edited Volume, ed. together with Susanna Välimäki; will be published by UTUkirjat in 2018).

Spaces of Atmospheres in Music: Essays on Feeling in Music and Sound (an edited Volume, ed. together with Friedlind Riedel; will be published by Routledge in 2019).

Erik Bergman (a book about the composer and his works; estimated to be published in 2019).

A selection of academic publications

[forthcoming]    ”Nordic Drone: Pedal points and static textures as musical imagery of the northerly environment”. In The Nature of Nordic Music. Ed. Tim Howell. Aldershot: Ashgate (to be published in 2019). Written together with Susanna Välimäki.

[forthcoming]    ”Northern tone and the changing climate. Study on psychedelic folk of Hexvessel and theremin concerto of Kalevi Aho”. In Climate Change, Music and the North. Ed. Annette Kreutziger-Herr & Britta Sweers. Bloomington: Indiana University Press (to be published in 2019).

[forthcoming]    "The Ecology of the Northern Tone: a Phenomenological Approach with Examples from Erik Bergman and John Luther Adams”. In Music and the Idea of the North. Ed. Rachel Cowgill et al. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing (to be published in 2018).

2018 [tulossa]    ”Resounding: Feeling, Mytho-ecological Framing, and the Sámi Conception of Nature in Outi Tarkiainen’s The Earth, Spring’s Daughter”. MUSICultures – Journal of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music.

2018 [tulossa]    ”Luontosäveltäjä Erik Bergman. Ekomusikologinen näkökulma modernistin nuoruudentuotantoon”. In: Musiikki ja luonto: Kirjoituksia äänellisestä kulttuurista ympäristökriisin aikakaudella. Ed. by Juha Torvinen & Susanna Välimäki. Turku: UTUkirjat.

2018 [tulossa]    ”Johdanto: Musiikin luonto ja luonto musiikissa”. In: Musiikki ja luonto: Kirjoituksia äänellisestä kulttuurista ympäristökriisin aikakaudella. Ed. by Juha Torvinen & Susanna Välimäki. Turku: UTUkirjat. Written together with Susanna Välimäki.

2018 [tulossa]    "Tutkija ympäristöaktivistina: Teesejä musiikkitieteilijän luontosuhteesta (Researcher as environmental activist: Theses on the relationship between musicologists and nature)". In: Musiikki muutosvoimana: Musiikintutkijat yhteiskunnassa – Aktivistisen musiikintutkimuksen manifesti (Music and societal change: Music researchers in society – The manifesto of activist music research). Ed. by Sini Mononen & Susanna Välimäki. Helsinki: Suoni ry (will be published 8th December 2018).

2018    ”The politics of apoliticism: Erik Bergman’s composition studies in Nazi Germany”. Finnish Music Quarterly, April 2018.

2016    Musiikki (the journal of the Finnish Musicological Society), edited theme issues Music and Society, Nos. 1/2016, 2–3/2016 and 4/2016, quest editor.

2016    ”Nykymusiikki ja yhteiskunta: tutkimus suomalaisten säveltäjien ajattelusta 2000-luvun alussa (Contemporary music and society: What do the Finnish composers of classical music think about societal and ecological concerns?)”. Musiikki 2–3/2016, 8–36.

2017    ”Musiikki ja yhteiskunta (Music and Society)”. Musiikki 1/2016, 3–12. Written together with Susanna Välimäki and Juha Ojala.

2016    ”Syntytiedon kaiut: luontoyhteyden kokemus Kalevi Ahon teoksissa Sieidi ja Kahdeksan vuodenaikaa (Echoes of the knowledge of the births: the experience of nature connection in percussion concerto Sieidi and violin concerto Eight Seasons by Kalevi Aho ”. Äänimaisemissa. Kalevalaseuran vuosikirja 2015 (In Soundscapes: The Yearbook of the Kalevala Society 2015. Ed. Helmi Järviluoma & Ulla Piela. Helsinki: SKS.

2016    ”Laulupedagogisten käytäntöjen jäsentäminen eksistentialistis-fenomenologisen ihmiskäsityksen valossa. Teoreettis-filosofinen reflektio (Outlining vocal pedagogical practices from the existential-phenomenological perspective: theoretico-philosophical reflection)”. Musiikkikasvatus/The Finnish Journal of Music Education 19 (1), 43–58. Written together with Anneli Pere.

2015    ”Stockhausenin Helikopteri-jousikvartetto ja käsitemusiikin haaste (The helicopter string quartett by Stockhausen as conceptual music)”. niin&näin 3/2015, 53–64. Written together with Susanna Välimäki.

2014    Philosophies of Performance. An edited Volume; edited together with Eero Tarasti and Dario Martinelli. Helsinki: International Semiotics Institute.

2014    ”Musical Meaning In Between: Ineffability, Atmosphere and Asubjectivity in Musical Experience”. Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology 1 (2), 209–230. Written together with Tere Vadén.

2014    “North as an experiential quality in music: thoughts on works of Erik Bergman”. In Dario Martinelli et al. (eds.) Philosophies of Performance. Imatra/Helsinki: International Semiotics Institute.

2014    ”Musiikin filosofisuus ympäristökriisien aikakaudella (The philosophical nature of music in the age of environmental crises)". Agon 4/2014. Electronic journal: <http://agon.fi/article/musiikin-filosofisuus-ymparistoongelmien-aikakaudella/>

2014    "Ihminen, luonto ja eko-apokalypsi. Miten nykytaide kuuntelee luontoa? (Human being, nature and eco-apocalypse: How does contemoorary art listen to nature?". Lähikuva 1/2014, 8–27. Written together with Susanna Välimäki.

2014    ”Ääni (Sound)”. In Taide, kokemus maailma: risteyksiä tieteidenväliseen taiteiden tutkimukseen (Art, experience, world: at the crossroads of interdisciplinary art research). Ed. Yrjö Heinonen. Turku: Utukirjat. Written together with Yrjö Heinonen, Hanna Meretoja, John Richardson and Susanna Välimäki.

2013    ”Ekomusikologia (ecomusicology)”. Edited theme issue. Musiikin suunta 1/2013.

2013    Aaron S. Allenin haastattelu (interview of Aaron S. Allen) [written together with Andreas Engström.] Nytida musik 1/2013.

2013    ”Ekomusikologia, tutkimus ja paha etiikka (ecomusicology, academic research and bad ethics)” Musiikin suunta 1/2013.

2012    ”Erik Bergman and the Subject of Composing” Mitteilungen der Paul Sacher Stiftung 25(April 2012), 18–23.

2012    ”Erik Bergman suomalaisessa nykymusiikissa (Erik Bergman in the context of Finnish contemporary music)”. Kompositio 1/2012, 3–9.

2012    ”Johdatus ekomusikologiaan: musiikintutkimuksen vastuu ympäristökriisien aikakaudella (Introduction to ecomusicology: The nature, task and responsibility of musicology in the age of environmental crisis” Etnomusikologian vuosikirja 2012. Helsinki: Suomen Etnomusikologinen Seura, 8–34.

2010    ”Mistä hiljaisuus kertoo? Kokemuslähtöisiä huomioita konserttihiljaisuuden merkityksistä (What the silence tells to us? Experience-based notes on the meanings of the concert silence)”.       Musiikki 3–4/2009.

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2009    “Can Music (Libraries) Predict Our Future?” Fontes Artis Musicae 56 (1).

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+ about 150 non-academic music-related articles, reviews, liner notes, interviews, editorials and other publications for professional audiences

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