Seinäjoki Unit of Uniarts Helsinki

The Seinäjoki Unit provides study opportunities in continuous learning and carries out research and development activities in the field of music and other creative fields. It also organises concerts, performances and other events. The unit operates as part of the multidisciplinary University Consortium of Seinäjoki.

Enterance to Kalevan Navetta art and culture center.


Uniarts Helsinki’s Seinäjoki Unit offers work-oriented training and coaching opportunities and seminars throughout the year. Traditionally, the Sibis Jazz Camp, a piano master class by Teppo Koivisto, and a conducting master class by Atso Almila have been organised in Seinäjoki on a yearly basis. The Seinäjoki Unit is responsible for organising the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Cultural Music Studies, which will be launched at Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy in 2022.

The research and development activities are diverse and cater to the regional needs in the area: the focus of the operations is on cultural music studies and the field’s role as part of the city’s event production and development. The new profiles of artists and the arts sector in the ever-evolving society are also explored in the Unit’s development activities. Research activities are conducted as part of the Epanet network, which aims at promoting research and development work in the South Ostrobothnia region. Research activities are led by a professor of cultural music studies.

The Seinäjoki Unit has its facilities in the Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Centre. The Unit was founded in 1991 as a centre of continuing education at the Sibelius Academy, and it merged with Uniarts Helsinki’s Open Campus at the beginning of 2022.

Contact information


The Seinäjoki Unit operates in the Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Centre (Nyykoolinkatu 25, Seinäjoki).

Our instrument courses are organised in the city centre in the address Keskuskatu 32.

Staff at the Seinäjoki Unit

    • Piia Kleemola-Välimäki

    • Education Manager, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
      Part-time teacher, Kansanmusiikki, Sibelius Academy
    • +358407104382
    • Hanna-Sofia Kytölä

    • Coordinator, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358504706550
    • Kimi Kärki

    • Lecturer, Taidejohtamisen ja yrittäjyyden aineryhmä, Sibelius Academy
    • +358505766668
    • Jenni Latva

    • Specialist, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358407104371
    • Eeva-Lotta Paavola

    • Coordinator, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358504709772
    • Eeva-Liisa Vaivila

    • Coordinator, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358407104340