Seinäjoki Unit of the Sibelius Academy

The Seinäjoki Unit carries out research and development activities as well as continuing education in music and creative fields.

Enterance to Kalevan Navetta art and culture center.


The education provided by the Seinäjoki Unit is largely organised through summer courses led by various experts in their respective fields. Traditionally, we offer the versatile Sibis Jazz Camp, a piano master class by Teppo Koivisto, and a conducting master class by Atso Almila. Several other seminars and training days are also available throughout the year.

Our development activities are diverse and cater to the regional needs in the area: the focus of our operations is on promoting popular music and on related event production. The Seinäjoki Unit is one of the main organisers of the national MARS event aimed at music professionals and the coordinator of the music cooperation forum Rytmimusiikkiverkosto (Popular Music Network).

Research activities are conducted as part of the Epanet network, which aims at strengthening research and development work in the South Ostrobothnia region. The research work is led by Professor of Popular Music Research.

The Seinäjoki Unit operates in the Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Centre, which also serves as a venue for concerts, club events and festivals. Final concerts that are organised at the end of each summer course are open for the public free of charge.

Contact information


The Seinäjoki Unit operates in the Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Centre (Nyykoolinkatu 25, Seinäjoki).

Our instrument courses are organised in the city centre in the address Keskuskatu 32.

Staff at the Seinäjoki Unit

    • Mika Virkkala

    • Education Manager, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358503843484
    • Piia Kleemola-Välimäki

    • Project Manager, folk music (violin), Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
      Hourly-paid Teacher, Kansanmusiikki, Sibelius Academy
    • +358407104382
    • Eeva-Liisa Vaivila

    • Coordinator, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358407104340
    • Jenni Latva

    • Specialist, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy
    • +358407104371
    • Antti-Ville Kärjä

    • Professor, cultural music research, MuTri-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius Academy
    • +358451791177
    • Antti Paalanen

    • Postdoctoral Researcher, Seinäjoen yksikkö, Sibelius Academy