Department of Music and Technology

We are one of the internationally leading communities for education and research in music creation with technology.

MuTeFest'20: Electrons on the Beat
Susanna Kekkonen

We approach education and research in our field from various angles – inclusion and diversity being our key values.

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Alejandro Olarte
Department Head

Jan Schacher
Music and Technology Professor

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We offer studies at Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral level.

Music and Technology research

The department carries out research in fields closely linked to music creation, performance, and dissemination with technology. In addition, through developments of tools and platforms, the specific needs of experimental musicians are addressed. The center comprises an international and interdisciplinary community of researchers.

Music and Technology on stage

Artistic activities are an integral part of our studies and research. See our students and staff on stage in Helsinki and elsewhere!

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Housed in the Helsinki Music Centre, we offer a unique learning environment, multifaceted faculty, high-quality technical resources and a wide network of professionals who work in arts, research, and commercial enterprise roles.