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Learn extensive reading and writing skills in a unique bachelor's degree programme.

Why study here?

Our Bachelor’s Programme in Writing is a unique degree programme where writing is understood as versatile textual skills that can be applied in different environments. You get an open-minded understanding of the possibilities of writing, and you can focus on developing your own identity as a writer under the guidance of professionals.

Content and objective of the programme

Extensive writing and reading skills

We examine writing as both individual and communal activities. The studies aim to produce a writer with extensive text creation and reading skills, a strong writer’s identity and the ability to work both alone and with others.

Writing skills are linked with reading skills. They refer to the ability to encounter and interpret texts in a multitude of ways and in various situations. We emphasise the social impact of reading.

Multidisciplinary nature of writing

The writer’s skills we develop can be applied in a versatile manner. They are needed when, for example, you want to influence people through writing and reading. You will be able to address, convince, inform, awaken, disturb, charm, comfort, teach, care, refresh, encourage relax and more.

The studies familiarise you with a variety of different notions of literature and ways of producing text. Additionally, feedback skills and socially topical aspects, such as ecological perspectives to writing, are central to the studies. The multimedial and multiartistic nature of writing is considered. The students’ individual study paths build diverse writer identities.


The head of the degree programme is author and poet Miia Toivio.

Our teachers are the best experts in their field. In addition to our permanent teachers, top professionals from around the world regularly visit the degree programme.

Master’s studies

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Writing provides the prerequisites for a master’s degree. After graduating, you can continue your studies in the master’s programmes of Uniarts Helsinki or other universities.

Admissions guide

Target degree and length of study

Bachelor of Arts (Writing)
3 years

Application period

Next possible time to apply will be announced later.

Application languages

Finnish Read more about the language skill requirements

Tuition fee

Annual tuition fee €5,000 for students studying in English and come from outside the EU and EEA countries.
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Supervising teacher

  • Miia Toivio

    Lecturer, Degree programme in writing, Theatre Academy


Theatre Academy

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