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Language skill requirements

Find out more about the language skills required of our degree students.

To be admitted as a degree student to Uniarts Helsinki, you must have command of the language of instruction used in the programme. You can only apply, if you have sufficient language skills, which are part of your educability and suitability for university-level education. We want to ensure that you have the communication skills needed as a student.

The academies determine the languages of instruction for each degree programme. The languages are stated in the programme’s admission criteria as well as the syllabus.

If a programme has several languages of instruction, applicants are only required to prove their proficiency in one of the languages. If a degree programme or, e.g., a joint programme requires knowledge of several languages, applicants may be required to demonstrate their skills in several languages.

Applicants must demonstrate their skills with a language certificate or prior studies. Language skills may also be assessed as part of entrance examinations. Please see the list of the accepted language tests in the Admissions Guides.

Several of our study programmes are offered in Finnish, Swedish, and English. This means that you have the right to use any of these languages during the classes and in your study attainments, unless it is otherwise stated in the curriculum, or the teaching makes it impossible. Note, however, that most of our group instruction takes place in the specified degree and teaching languages of the degree programmes.

These requirements are followed in our bachelor’s and master’s admissions, and in doctoral admissions where appropriate.