Non-degree pedagogical studies for teachers in the arts

Pedagogical studies (60 credits) are for students who have already completed a master’s or a corresponding degree in the arts and wish to develop their pedagogical skills.

About the studies

Uniarts Helsinki’s non-degree pedagogical studies for teachers in the arts (60 cr) are completed after the student has graduated with a degree. The basis of pedagogical studies in the arts is the student’s personal relationship with art and the motivation to develop practices related to learning and teaching in the arts. The studies give students the competence to work as an art pedagogue and to develop their skills on a continuous basis.

The studies are aimed at anyone who has completed a master’s degree or a corresponding degree in performing arts, music or fine arts and wish to develop their art-pedagogical skills. A bachelor’s degree does not give eligibility to apply. The applicant is expected to be interested in teaching a field of art and in studying and developing questions related to learning.

The studies are organised in a way that makes it possible for even those that work full-time to complete them. The studies include both contact teaching and online assignments. Students are expected to have the skills needed for engaging in independent work as well as cooperation with others. Non-degree pedagogical studies for teachers (60 cr) give students general pedagogical qualifications. To gain qualifications needed for working as a subject teacher in comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools, the student must also complete studies in the teaching subject. The language of instruction is Finnish.

Study modules

The studies consist of the following study modules, comprising 60 credits:

  • Pedagogical studies in the arts 1 (15 cr)
  • Pedagogical studies in the arts 2 (15 cr)
  • Teaching practice (20 cr) 
  • Research studies (10 cr)

Pedagogical studies in the arts 1 (15 cr)

  • The platform for teamwork alternates between face-to-face meetings and group sessions online.
  • What’s integral is working in a multi-disciplinary group and learning from peers.

Pedagogical studies in the arts 2 (15 cr)

  • The study module is connected to the Pedagogical studies in the arts 1 module and gives the student a more profound knowledge of central areas in art pedagogy.

Teaching practice (20 cr) 

  • Practising in various environments will help the student learn more about different operational cultures in pedagogy and support their growth as a research and development-oriented expert in pedagogical processes in the arts.

Research studies (10 cr)

  • The study module consists of methodological studies, seminar work and a written term paper. The research studies support the student’s theoretical thinking related to pedagogy and working as a teacher.


The studies begin next time in 2023. The admissions guides will be published on this page in autumn 2022.

Admissions guide

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Non-Degree Studies

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Non-Degree Pedagogical Studies for Teachers in the Arts

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The admissions guides to studies beginning in 2023 will be published in autumn 2022.

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