The Music-Related Gestures

Assi Karttunen's research project examines musical gestures.


Assi Karttunen`s research “The music-related gestures of the eighteenth-century French keyboard music in the new performing context”  focuses on studies into musical gestures of eighteenth-century keyboard music, including pieces composed by e.g. François Couperin, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Johann Sebastian Bach.

The framework for the research is built in line with the carnal musicology and the historically informed performance. Assi Karttunen’s articles and texts have dealt with music-related gestures and musically rhetoric phenomena like grotesque, carnevalesque, irony, non-chalance, asynchrony, lamento, ’les sons glissés’ etc.

The research could be described as artistic research, because it includes artistic projects and practices. Parts of the research have been published in research publications Musiikki and Trio as well as in the research journal Ruukku.

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The Music-Related Gestures